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The Beggar Poem

On my way to work,my eyes wander to various sights
There always sits a beggar man next to a shop
He sits outstretching his arms
I dig in my pocket to give him alms
The beggar man is my everyday sight
He gives me a smile that is just so right
We are blessed with everything in life
Yet we do not smile as if there is a strife
The beggar has wealth nor health
Yet the smile on his face is heartfelt
For sometime the beggar man is seen nowhere
I feel something missing,
I look around and stare
The shopkeeper tells me he died
Silently I pause,he will no more be in my sight
I will miss him,I do not know why
Seeing him was a habit,
I feel to cry
The beggar man taught me to smile and to forget lifes worry awhile

***based on a true story

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A Lift Of Kindness

It was a day when I forgot to take my wallet to office.  It was evening and I decided to walk back home -- a full 10 kms.

I walked for 5 minutes and just stopped for a while close to a traffic signal.  I was observing people waiting at the signal.

I happened to smile at a person on a bike.  He smiled back and asked me if I needed a lift.  Coincidentaly he was going the exact way I needed to go.

He was kind to me.  I returned back this kindness by offering lift to people when needed.  One kind act begets another.

And a smile started it all.

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