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Stepping In and Stepping Up.

It is hard for me to practice kindness to people as I live in a very rural area and often go many days without seeing anyone...but I can practice kindness virtually and with my husband and animals.... I volunteer at the local animal shelter. A week ago, an upper respiratory virus was spreading thru the cats. One very young cat (about 6 months) who had been spayed was especially sick. I told the shelter that I would take her to the vet and be responsible for her bills...and foster her. I have worked with her for over a week...getting her to eat and drink, giving her medicines, worrying about her, and loving her. Well! my husband and I decided that she now has a forever home. We can't give her up...she fought so hard and she was so sick. I honestly thought she was going to die and the vet did ... Read Full Story >>

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