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Closure For A Searching Family

I do people search as a hobby to reunite family and friends. I search out postings from people that are trying to find a loved one and do research to reunite them if this is desired by both individuals.

Last week I found a posting from a young lady looking for her grandmother who had left her family and headed to Florida in the 1980's. In searching, I found that this troubled woman passed away homeless, seven years ago. She lived in a tent with 15 cats on the side of a major highway.  A newspaper article mentioned that she was known in the community, and that she volunteered at a soup kitchen and waved to motorists as they drove down the highway. It also mentioned that she was a member of a local church. I contacted that church and was able to share with this family that she had joined the church two years before her death.

I believe that although the news was a shock and sad, they were able to find closure and were comforted knowing that before her death she had been baptized.

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