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Ice Cream Versus The Beggar

I started walking from school to our house when I was in 4th grade.  By that time, my allowance was just 10 pesos (about 2 dimes) -- just enough for a tricycle fare (which is 5 pesos).

After I crossed the highway one very hot noon, I saw a very thin man, with a can beside him for alms. Just ten steps after him was the stand where ice cream was sold for 5 pesos. 

My heart was struck but my mind wanted ice cream.

I stopped to think for a while. "If I buy an ice cream and give the man my fare, he won't be able to by anything that could satisfy his hunger. But if I let down my cravings and give him my ten pesos, he can buy rice and put some soy sauce to taste."

I don't know why but I didn't want anyone to see me do my kind act, so I dropped the coin silently and ran to my house with a smile.

I will not forget that moment forever, that feeling that lifted my heart. ^___^

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