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A Simple Act of Patience

Recently we've had a popular department store open in our area.  It's been the talk of the town for months!!  On about the third day of the grand opening, I thought I'd stop by to check it out.  I noticed right away that the parking area was extrememly busy.  As I was about to exit my car, a lady was about to enter her car to leave.  She was parked on the opposite side of me and there was a four way stop behind our parking areas.  As the lady tried to back out to leave,  some of the shoppers were extremely rude to her!!  They yelled and beeped their horns at the lady and she had a look of terror on her face.  She looked at me and threw up both of her hands as if she didn't know what to do. I gestured for the lady to put her ... Read Full Story >>

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A Cold Drink, a Hot Day, and a Great Smile!

At my son's school, the traffic is so hectic,  they have a traffic director to help the parents get in and out of the school parking area safely. 

Last week, I noticed how hot is was outside when I went to pick up my son.  The traffic director was sweating!!  It just so happened that I had packed an extra bottle of cold water before going to pick up my son.

As I handed the bottle of water out of the window to the traffic director (along with a smile card of course), the look on her face was absolutely priceless!!  I kept looking back in my rear view mirror as I drove away, and as long as I could see her, she was still smiling!  : )

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A Sweet Afternoon

Last week, I had stopped to get the mail before going to pick up my son from school.  Included in my mail was a coupon for a free chocolate bar. After picking up my son, I saw a student sitting all alone on the side walk waiting to be picked up.  I thought it would be a good idea to offer her the free coupon.  She flashed a big smile when I handed it to her and said thanks.

When my son and I returned home, what did we see in the refrigerator?!?  The same exact candy bar.  I guess my husband had gone to the store the night before!!! : ) 

What goes around comes around.  It was a sweet afternoon indeed! : )

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Contagious Kindness in a Grocery Line

It seems as if most of us hate to stand in long lines.  Yesterday, there was a long line at the grocery store.  I decided to let the couple behind me go ahead of me. They were very surpised and thankful!  Others that noticed seemed to relax a little more and become more friendly-- smiling and nodding.  Even the cashier seemed to relax, and enjoy the moment, as she noticed.  Kindness really is contagious!!  I've decided to let someone go in front of me at least once a week when I'm standing in line,  as it is also good practice for patience.

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Free Babysitting And Stamps

Last week a dear friend of mine needed to pick up her son early from his babysitter.  She called me to see if I could watch him for a few hours while she finished up working. 

So I picked him up and watched him for a couple of hours.  My son's the same age, so they had a blast!! 

When my friend came to pick up her son, I handed her a smile card with a handful of postage stamps.  I told her that there was no need to pay me.

This seemed like a small gesture to me, but she was in tears as she gave me a  big hug!!

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A Nice Tip at McDonalds!

Last week, I decided to visit our local McDonald's where my friend works. 

That day, in particular, she seemed to be having a really difficult time, so after she finished taking my order, and I received my food, I decided to give her a $5.00 tip (with a smile card of course!). 

The smile, on her face told me that she would have no problems making it through her shift!!  Just thinking about her smile for the rest of the day made things a little easier for me too!

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The Bus Outside Walmart

Last week, while visiting Walmart, my 6 year old and I noticed a school bus parked in front of the store.  Before entering the store, a lady handed us a list of school supplies to put on the bus.  It was a program sponsored by United Way to donate school supplies to  under privileged children.

My son and I had a ball shopping for the bus!!  They let him take the supplies on the bus, and actually sit in the bus!!  This was such a thrill for my 6 year old because he's never been on a school bus, but has always wanted to. :)

Sometimes you give, and immediately receive!

Oh, and I made sure I sliped one of the smile cards in the bag before he placed it on the bus.  Maybe one of the kids, or a worker for the program will get the card. :)

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Braving the Cold to Warm Up Hearts

In my city, it was a bit on the cold side this week.  I have several elderly neighbors who are always very nice, so I wanted to think of a way to help them. 

I noticed that on the colder mornings their trash cans and delivered newspapers usually stayed out near the end of their driveway until later in the day.  I've watched them go out and get move their trash cans and pick up their newspapers some mornings, and it doesn't look like an easy task for them.  On colder morning, I they have to wait until it is warm enough to go out and get them. 

As I was preparing to leave the house this morning, I decided to  place their trash cans by the garages and put the newspapers by their front doors.  It only took me a few minutes and now I've decided to make it a part of my daily routine! :) 

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Pretty Stationery

This past week, I thought I would get in touch with an old friend, whom I haven't seen in about 3 years! 

I simply mailed her some stationery, with a flower pattern. I also included a matching pen and magnet, because this friend loves to write!  I sent her a short note telling  her that I'd been thinking about her and that I loved her.  I'm sure she was surprised. 

I often feel that the best gifts are the unexpected ones.  Especially when you feel that you are probably the last person on the person's mind who sent you the gift!  ( :

Thanks , Meg

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