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The Best Hug I've Ever Had

When I was 9, my sister, two other friends and I used to go to local nursing homes to sing for the elderly on Sunday afternoons. 

One Sunday we went to see the elderly and a little lady was having her 102nd birthday party. 

The staff told us we had to leave because of the party.  The lady immediately said, "Oh no.  They are here to entertain my guests."  I'll never forget how important I felt that day -- entertaining her and her guests on her special day. 

A few months later she passed away.  Bless her heart for including us in such a glorious time.

When we had finished singing that day, she insisted we have a big piece of cake and punch. Then she gathered us each in her arms and hugged us.  I think that might have been the best hug I've ever had.  We were there to make her feel good but she made me feel good too.  I'll never forget that bright sparkle in her eyes when she called us her singing angels.

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Power of Two Mothers Praying Together

A few years ago my 21 year old son was shot with a hollow point bullet.  While in the ICU, I met another mother whose son had been thrown from a car into a tree, causing him to go into a comma. The doctors didn't have much hope for either son. 

One day, we decided to get together with a group of people and prayed holding each others hands in a circle.  It so happened that all the people who had loved ones in serious condition, every single one of them in the group, had their loved ones go home fine.

That other mother I met, the doctors were afraid that her son had brain damage, but he is fine and my son is doing fantastic as well.   In fact, my son is now the father of a beautiful 1 year old boy. 

A mothers love can work miracles. Two mothers love, is the answer to all life's prayers.   I know now why my son was shot -- God needed me there for her as he needed her there for me. Our strength helped each other grow.

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Witnessing An Act of Kindness

While waiting in line at the grocery store, a young girl with 3 babies, was ahead of me in line.  She had lots of food for her babies, and when the total was rung she was over 20 dollars short. I felt for her but had no more money with me to help, as she started putting the food back.

Just then, a gentle voice came from behind me.  It was an elderly woman.  She said, "Don't put those baby's food back.   God has this covered with a blessing I got yesterday in the mail.  I knew He had something in mind for it." 

With a sweet smile she handed the cashier the money and wished the good mother a blessed life. 

It was a gentle, beautiful and selfless.  How she touched my heart with her special kindness.  I had a smile all day knowing there are wonderful people around me!

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