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Oh, That Is So Refreshing!

It was a very hot, late August day when I took my 8 year old grand daughter out to lunch at a beautiful, fancy restaurant, because she enjoyed feeling like a princess. 

As we sat out on the lovely deck with many other diners around us, she reached out to point to the flowers on the table and accidentally tipped my ice water glass into my lap. 

She gasped, her eyes grew large, the people at the next table peered to see my reaction.  I simply smiled and said, "Oh, that is so refreshing."

We can make a split second decision to have a different-than-expected reaction to happenings that, in their smallness, make the world a better place and teach our children at the same time.

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Taking a Chance on My Friends

In December, just before Christmas, my daughter and her husband lost a very dear friend to brain cancer.  He was married with a 13 year-old son.  A few weeks later, my daughter called to tell me that her friend's wife was really struggling financially.  She had lost her job when her company closed suddenly a few weeks before her husband died.  The life insurance policy she thought was in place was not and she was frightened.  She was a young woman in a happy marriage one day and left with no husband, no job and no money the next.   My daughter asked, "Mom, can you think of anything to do to help?"  I told her to let me think about it for a while. My thinking time was short.  I had my address book on the table beside me and the Christmas cards I'd received in a box next to it.  I decided on ... Read Full Story >>

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