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Two Little Hearts - Both For Sharing

I found a website that sells tiny pewter hearts which are not too expensive, so, I bought a batch and I keep a couple in my pocket most of the time.

Whenever I find the opportunity, when I am out in stores, at a yard sale or at work or anywhere really, I will ask the person I am speaking with to give me their hand. I put two of those little hearts in the palm of their hand saying, "Keep one and pass the other one on."

The responses I get are amazing! If I had won the Lottery there would not be bigger smiles or more excitement.  Everyone immediately wants to tell me who is getting the other heart; someone with cancer, their child who was grumpy this morning, and so on.  

A little sharing really makes people happy!

P.S.  In my other pocket I carry dog biscuits so even their canine friends can be happy!

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Reaching Out To My Addressbook

There are a number of people that I have met over the years.  Some are older, some are single parents. Some are just alone in the world. Many I don't know terrible well.  They are in my  e-mail address book. 

Every now and then, maybe once a month or every couple of month, I send an email  just to say they were in my thoughts that day and that I hope that their life is full and magical. 

It seems to touch a place in people to know that some one has taken the time to say hello, not send a forward but taken the time to say some personal and caring.  

Cheap, easy, actually fun to reach out.

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The Gift of Dying Well

This week I went to a memorial service for a friend who died of lung cancer.  My friend had lung cancer for a year and a half.  It is not a fun way to leave the earth.  When Maggie found out she had cancer she was very open and wanted to let her family and friends know what was happening.  There was an outpouring of cards and calls and visits.  Maggie had a great spirit and was someone who loved to learn.  She loved The Catholic church, she loved the Buddhist philosophy and the the native view of life. She loved them all.  She took part in  circles and wanted everyone to be friends.  Not alway easy.  Because she needed help and asked for help (how hard that was for her) her friends came together around her.  We cleaned her house, cooked, did what needed to be done and we ... Read Full Story >>

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