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Yogi on the Go

I struggle with money in that I don't have a lot of it. I hate how we are so dependent on it and yet we need it in order to survive - we need to pay rent, buy food, etc. It's a daily struggle, but we all have to do it. Before I went back to school I was living in Toronto as a waitress and yoga teacher and was making some decent money. My partner and I decided to start taking 10 per cent of our tips from waiting tables and giving it to people in need. I have numerous stories of how I saw this process of giving away larger quantities of money every month make shifts in people's lives.  Although the money was a sort of "bonus" to people, it was also recognition of THEIR struggle and a reminder that someone cared - even if it was a ... Read Full Story >>

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The Perfect Cup of Tea

It's the small things in life that count in this world - really!  Those small gestures of love that let people know we care.  I am a waitress for a semi-fine dining restaurant.  One day, I was serving a Christmas party and some of the people were fairly well-off financially and a bit "hoity-toity" (official term).  When taking the coffee and tea order BEFORE the desserts came out, one woman said to me, "I like my tea WITH my dessert - not after or before."  I told her that I would do my best!  What she didn't seem to take into consideration was that I had to walk the whole length of the restaurant, up a flight of stairs and then the distance to her from the stairs with 16 desserts.  I was getting the coffee and tea ready beforehand so that it wasn't delayed.  It was not going to ... Read Full Story >>

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Gifting Yoga

Ok... so I'm suddenly addicted to this site - yippee, no more facebook!!  :)  I've been reading the smile stories one by one, mixing it up and going into some older stories.  I'm just having a blast on this very cold afternoon!!  Also, I am warmed by all the karmabuck giving, it's fabulous!! 

My mind is going a mile a minute with the same question that everyone keeps asking themselves, "What else can I do?" When suddenly, it hit me - YOGA!!  I am a yoga teacher, so why not gift my yoga classes?  And not just to anyone - people who need some extra love.  So, I immediately called a local woman's shelter and talked to someone about it and I think it's going to happen this year!!  Yippeeeeeee....

Thank you to all of the people in my smile group for motivating me to share my love with other people.  For years I have wanted to do something with women's shelters - THIS IS FABULOUS!!

Hugs and peace to all!!

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