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Hiker Joe and The Circle Of Life

I work in a bank and have lovely relationships with many of the customers.  Its not one of those banks with long lines -- its the kind of bank when you walk in, everyone says hi, we know when your husband has surgery, or the grandkids are coming for the weekend, we know your name and speak like friends.  One of my customers in his 70's owns and runs a barber school in East Baltimore.  He is connected with several nonprofits and I have 2 nonprofits of my own - we are like kindred spirits!  One days, he said to me that I really had to meet his niece in Florida -- Dee.  The next day Dee called me and we talked about her projects of gathering blankets for the homeless and pitching in the community wherever there is need.   We spoke for over an hour and found out how much we ... Read Full Story >>

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A Fabric of Comfort

I have a non-profit called "Kidz KLoakz to Komfort Kidz." We use new, fun patterned fleece fabric to make, pillows, blankets, poncho's and hats and scarves, for kids in need of comfort, no matter their circumstances. The items we make go to hospitals, shelters, life-line helicopters and social service residential programs. We have simplified the pillow making to use all our scrap materail. NO sewing is required. We just take two identical size pieces of fleece fabric and fringe all the edges - the fringe shoud be two to two-and-a-half inches long. We then tie the top and bottom together on three sides, and stuff and tie the remaining open side.
In the three years since we were founded, we have given away over 7,000 fleece gifts. All funds are donated and all work is done by a group of 20 -40 volunteers of all ages. It's a beautiful example of lots of people doing a litte bit. My foundation provides the fleece. If anyone is interested feel free to let me know. Also, if anyone knows a place that could use them let me know - we ship all over!

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Mystery of a Missing Class Ring

Many times we write about how we shared our kindness and I wanted to share a brief story about how I received kindness from a stranger. 

Kristin, my 22 year-old daughter, just graduated from college and also just recently purchased her first new car.  In the process she traded in her old car, which by now is 10 years old and was a good and faithful friend that proceeded to overheat 4 times on her way to the dealer to pick up her new car.  This transaction was completed in the beginning of November. 

On Moday of this week, there was a message on my answering machine, from a small wholesale car dealer that had purchased Kristin's old car.  In cleaning it out, they found her high school class ring.  Kristin only wore that ring for about 6 weeks when she lost it and that was 6 years ago!  What a kind effort on the part of this car dealer  to go to the trouble ot tracking us down and contacting us -  it made my day as well as my daughter's! 

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Turning a Traffic Violation into a Smile

I know we have all done this at some point or read of people who have - but this story still makes me smile.

I am very bad at wearing my seatbelt.  I was at a traffic light when a police man pulled up next to me.  As we proceeded through the light, he got behind me and followed me into the drive thru as  I was going to get breakfast.  I was sure he was going to give me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt.  But, it appeared that he was just there to order food. 

I ordered my food and then thought I would pay for him.  As I pulled forward to pick up my food and he realized I had paid for him, he got on his loudspeaker from inside the police car and said, "Thank you and have a great day!  Please buckle up."  

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