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All I Did Was Smile

One day I was going home and jumped on the LRT (train). There was one seat compartment that was empty except for a 'dirty' run down looking man obviously coming down off of something. Although there were two empty seats across from him, and one beside him, and the train was jam packed, no one would sit there. Me, being me, waltzed into the train car, sat directly across from him, looked him in the eye and smiled. The look of shock, shame and amazment on his face is a look I will never forget. He was obviously shocked that someone would sit across from him when a train full of people had done their best to avoid him so far. After he got over the shock, you could see the shame on his face, and you knew it was because of his appearance and how his problems, addictions, whatever they ... Read Full Story >>

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Bus Fare vs Milk

Yesterday morning I was in an exceptionally good mood despite the fact that I had been out of milk for a while and could only find enough change to get a small carton of it (which would last only a day or two). The air was crisp, the weather lovely, and my morning commute to work was perfectly timed with the sunrise so I got to watch the red hue of the sun light up the snow covered trees and buildings. I was on the bus to work when I saw a little "Donate a Ride" envelope up front. I had just read the other day, while researching abuse centers looking for volunteer work, that some of those donations go to women at abuse shelters so that they can get to doctors appointments and court dates, etc. I had just about decided to give the three bucks I had in my pocket to ... Read Full Story >>

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All for Under $5

I am not in the habit of giving money to people asking for change. Not because I have no compassion for them, but because there is a good chance they will spend it on drugs, alcohol, or whatever it is that has them on the streets in the first place. However, I will have a chat with them. Some of them, that's all they want.  Sometimes they speak to me and instead of ignoring them or averting my eyes like many people, I respond and then take a few minutes to chit chat. Many of them asked for anything, they just wanted someone to chat with. One day I was walking to pick up Amanda from her work at sobeys and there was this elderly couple looking run down. The woman came up to me and asked if I could spare some change for food because they'd been travelling all night to visit ... Read Full Story >>

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