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Late Night in the Company Cab

I was then working in a BPO in the evening shift. It was a tough day for me and was I waiting to go home and sleep. The time was 10pm.  I got into my company cab and was glad to see that I was the only person in it, so that I could reach home in the next 30 minutes. Just then another girl got into the company cab. She told the driver where she wanted to go and it was in the opposite direction to where I was headed. The driver decided to drop me home first as he felt my place was closer to the office and I was happy.  When the company vehicle moved out of my office campus, the other girl got a call on her mobile. From the conversation, I figured out that her husband was not keeping well. She was trying to tell him to eat some light food. ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping a Child Afford Some Juice

When the rain stopped, I felt like an evening walk was the perfect thing to do. I woke up my friend who was on her bed.  She had broken her arm a month ago and was waiting for the cast to be removed. So, I thought a walk would make her feel fresh and would help her.  Our evening walk led us to a fruit juice shop. As I was taking my last sip of tropical mango juice a little boy came in to get some juice, he seemed to be in a hurry.  Maybe the little one did not realize that tinned juice cost a bit more than fresh juice. When he realized that he did not have enough money to buy it, he started to turn to walk back to his dad to get more money. I saw his dad waiting for him on the other side of the ... Read Full Story >>

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