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30 For 30: A Birthday Wish

Check out the video below, from a HelpOthers member ...

If you're so moved to support Hywy's 30th b'day by doing a kind act in your community, please leave a comment below about your intention, and it will be sent directly to her -- and wil make her day/year. :)

Much love to all of you who make this world a better place, one kind act at a time!

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Paying it Forward with Flowers and Dessert

For several weeks, I had been meaning to get my wife flowers.  Everyday I would leave for the office in the morning reminding myself to get flowers on the way home, but would always forget. Finally one day, I decided to repeat the word, “flowers” (as though it were a mantra) as I drove home to make sure I remembered.  It turned out that that day the flowers were on sale, two bouquets for the price of one.  While I was at the store, I came across two neatly folded $20 dollar bills with no one around.  I picked up the bills feeling like this was a universal sign and went home with my flowers knowing that the money had to be used for spreading kindness.  After I gave my wife the flowers, I told her I had another surprise and showed her the money.  My wife definitely felt like this was a calling since ... Read Full Story >>

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A Bus Stop Lesson in Appreciation

Two weeks ago, while waiting at the bus station, an older man with long dreadlocks (who seemed like he might be homeless) approached me. "Are you a student?" he asked. I was caught a little off guard. I hesitantly answered his questions, all the while waiting for him to ask me for money. But it never happened! The man was very intelligent and up-to-date on current affairs. In fact it was quite a pleasure talking to him once I got over my initial reservations.  As we talked I found out he went to the library every day and used the internet to read up on the news and current happenings. He said one of his biggest regrets was not being able to afford an education.   My bus arrived. I said goodbye and wished him good luck. Then a thought struck me. I turned around and said, "Google Open Source Learning. Many universites are offering ... Read Full Story >>

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