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My Beautiful Son And The Surprises He Continues to Leave

Ok. This is not a story of an act of kindness I did, but rather one that my son did.  Some of you  KindSpring members may know I lost my son two months ago. He got me started on the KindSpring site and we did a lot of Random Acts Of Kindness together. I have also found out he did SO MANY on his own. I Found out today he did one more. He left a small life insurance policy to his sister. He makes my heart proud over and over.  

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Distance Didn't Stop This Lady's Determined Holiday Giving

Gave even more thought of what to give a friend for Christmas, who is elderly and disabled. She lives in another state. Like me, as we get older, we don't need anymore "stuff", and she's too far away to visit. I called a grocery store in her area and purchased gift cards for groceries. Since neighbors are doing her shopping they are for groceries only, no buying alcohol, tobacco ot lotto tickets.I had no idea you could do that! 

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A Christmas Gift For Over Looked Friend

Bought special gift for man that pumps the gas in our car, a often unappreciated job! Weather gets -30 , or more with wind chills. He's always cheerful and friendly. We bought him a special scraper for getting snow off his car, shhhhhh don't tell him!! :)

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Love Of Books

Our local school is having a book fair so I donated some money so the librarian could buy a book or two to a child who cannot afford to buy their own.

I love reading and want others to enjoy it also!!! Hope they got a lot of books for others!
I also take scraps of fabric from each quilt and make bookmarks. I donate them to the school. The librarian says the children love them! Makes my heart happy😁😁

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