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He Turned My Life Around

I sent this letter in 2002 and is an example of honoring a hero of mine. Dear Judith, I am hoping that this letter finds its way to you. I am also hoping that you remember me. I was in Brent's first 7th grade class and his first 8th grade class. Judith, I have been trying to find Brent for years and finally found the article online in the Los Altos Town Crier about Brent's memorial. I have been trying to thank him for turning my life around and was so saddened when I found that I was unable to deliver my heart felt feeling to him directly. It is important for me to deliver these same feelings to you and your family. I do not know how many of his students have been able to communicate with you or how many feel the way I do about his impact on my life. If ... Read Full Story >>

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