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Top 10 Stories of 2012 - Story #5 - 3 Years Later, A Smile Card Seed Sprouts

"Three years! I've had this card in my wallet for three years!" He sounded both elated and relieved. Backtrack a few moments. *The setup*   I'm flagged down while walking by a table in a restaurant where I serve. I hadn't been serving this table, but they wanted something with me anyway, so I went over. A young couple sat at the table, looking at me with intention.   "Are you serving those two women in the other room?" they said, gesturing to one of my tables. I confirmed, yes. "Well, we'd like to pay for their bill, anonymously," they offered tentatively. "Can you do that for us?"   Can I?! It'd be an honor. I told them so, and we worked out the details. The table to be tagged hadn't gotten to dessert yet so they even added on a slice of cake, and I offered to partner in the tag and cover anything else they ordered.   The ... Read Full Story >>

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Thank You, Co-conspirator In Kindness

One of my favorite parts of using smile cards is when other people agree to be my accomplice in our little kindness conspiracy. Some folks look at you weird when you ask for such an unusual favor, you know? :) Like once I asked a toll booth operator if I could pay for the car behind me, and I got a blank stare. After a brief explanation, he hesitantly agreed, but then said it was too complicated when I presented a smile card with the double payment. Okay, next time. So, it's nice when folks "get it" :) and even feel like they're receiving a favor in agreeing to do me a favor.  At a barbershop recently, after getting my haircut, I went to the counter to pay. My barber said, "That'll be twenty dollars please." I saw in my wallet I had exactly forty-two dollars. "Okay, tell me if you think this ... Read Full Story >>

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Magnetically Attracting Kindness

I found a twenty dollar bill on the ground the other day. I've been on a tighter than usual budget the last month so thanked my lucky stars for the opportunity to spend more on others. First few bucks were spent opportunistically: anonymously adding to the funds of an older man who went into a gas station counting bills and asking for ten dollars if gas. That kind of thing.   Last night I walked down the street after work and saw a woman selling a newspaper published for homeless folks. She also had some fridge magnets for sale. "What's your most popular magnet?" I asked. "Oh, probably the Bob Marley. This John Coltrane one is really nice too," she said. "I'm surprised it hasn't gone yet. They're five dollars each."   I counted the remains of the cash. "Here's nine dollars," I said.   "Which one would you like?"    "I don't need one myself, but the next person that ... Read Full Story >>

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The Vegan Cookie Muse

I've been practicing at least one intentional act of kindness a day recently. Today, I had a vegan, wrapped cookie in my pocket, courtesy of some friends last night who requested it be paid forward, just itching to find its recipient. :). It's an interesting thing, to observe what thoughts the mind tends towards on a walk in the streets, and equally interesting to observe how it focuses when carrying an intention like, "Whose day can I make, and how??" I was walking through the subway, and passed by a musician strumming his guitar. It was no extraordinary sight, but suddenly I remembered a story of how a world-class violinist played in a subway station once, and only handful of folks stopped to listen to a performance that would normally fill the fanciest concert halls. World-class musician or not, this guy was into it, and so I decided to form an audience ... Read Full Story >>

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