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Kindness with my Son

Hello. I'd like to share a bit of kindness and the use of the Smile Cards my son who is 12 got to witness and be part of.

My son and I went out to eat and there was this table of older ladies (like their once a month get together--they must have been into their
70's or more and dressed up) next to us. Well, when my son and I were leaving, I decided to do something good. I told the guy at the counter that I wanted to pay for those ladies meals. He looked at me funny. Asked me if I knew them. Nope--I certainly don't. He looked at me again, asked again and again I said nope. Don't tell them I'm doing this, just give them this "smile" card.

He said "not so many people so generous now a days" So, I paid for their meals (a whopping 20 bucks) and me and my son left.Then he asked me to see the card we left--and he wants some.

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Smiles & Kleenex

I have to say, before I read any of the stories, I need to get a Kleenex at the ready. Almost every story I read touches me, and tears slip--not the sad tears, but tears of that 'touch'.

I can't wait to get my cards and pass along the smiles. Thank you.

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Kindness at Work

A few weeks ago I delivered several stuffed 'happy' flowers to several women at work (Toys R Us). I also attached Smile cards to each and every one. I know some people have taken it to heart, as I've heard about 2 other kind acts snowballing off that one.

Of course, I got accused of doing it, but I denied it completely. I wanted them to always wonder who it was, and hopefully they'll pay it forward.

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