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Reconnecting With My Angels

I reconnected with two people who came into my life as angels during a very difficult time. 

One was my roommate. He was the first person I befriended in a foreign country. He always supported me, mentored me and encouraged me when I needed a friend. Since then our lives had moved on and we had lost touch. 

The other was a mentor who helped me get freelance work at a time when even affording one meal was difficult. My brother was unemployed in those days and he lived with me too. It was through this mentor that I earned just about enough to save $50 a month, which, at that time, was a huge amount for me. 

I wrote long e-mails to each of them expressing how wonderful they were and saying I was truly grateful for their presence in my life. 

As serendipity would have it, it was BOTH their birthdays the day that messages went out!

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