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A Warm Gift Left In His Basket

It was early on a cold December morning. I was making a quick trip to the post office, and along the way, I saw a man riding his bicycle through the dirty, heavy slush, left over from last night's snowfall.

He was dressed in a tattered, old black coat. A knit beanie cap covered his head. As he parked his bike on the sidewalk and went inside (to warm up, I assumed), I noticed that his hands were bare.

While he was out of sight, I reached to my back seat and grabbed a pair of thick leather gloves that belonged to one of my boys. Then, quickly, I ran to his bicycle and placed them in the basket that he had tied with twine to his handlebars. I hurried back to the warmth of my car and waited. Even though I had been in a hurry, I couldn't leave without seeing that he got them. About twenty minutes passed.

I watched as he returned to his bike, picked up the gloves, looked around for a moment. Then, he put them on and slowly rode away. 

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The Pizza Girl With A Big Smile

  At one of my local pizzerias, there is an employee, a young lady probably in her 20s, who I believe has some mental challenges. Her job is carrying a sign advertising pizza, trying to bring in business. She has worked there for at least two years in all kinds of crazy weather. Not only does she walk up and down the sidewalk on a very busy street waving as people drive by, she is literally dancing non-stop and waving her sign during her entire shift. I have seen people laughing and yelling at her but she always has a smile on her face, and she is usually giggling too. I ran into her once in the mall parking lot as she was getting off the bus and she was so full of excitement talking about her first day at college and yes, she was giggling. I seriously have never seen anyone ... Read Full Story >>

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He Made My Day - The Old-Fashioned Way

While stopping for gas one morning I was checking and filling my transmission fluid when a frail elderly man came up to me and took over. 

He smiled and said, "It's not acceptable for a lady to be under the hood of a car!" 

I laughed and told him that I hadn't experienced that much kindness in a man, other than my dad. He just winked and said, "We're still out here!" And then he went on his way. 
He made me cry - and he made my day!


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