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Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2012, Story #6 - "I feel good doing this!"

"But I feel good doing this!" The little boy´s answer rang in my ears as I walked into the mall. He stood right outside the entrance, in the bitter spring wind, collecting donations for cancer research. Nose red, hat deep over his ears, he warmed one hand in his pocket and held a list with his other hand. I noticed he had no gloves. I checked my purse, but had no coins. It is a principle of mine to always give money to cancer research - I have lost dear friends and family members to the disease, and want to do my little part to help find a cure. "I´ll bring you some money when I come back," I promised the young boy.  "Thank you!" he smiled and sneezed into a big tissue. A very worn tissue, I might add. I looked at him. If you have ever seen little children who refuse to come out of ... Read Full Story >>

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What Makes a Grumpy Bus Driver Laugh?

I often take the bus for my daily commutes, and one of the drivers on the route to my house isn't known to be very nice. In fact, not many people like him at all. It doesn't take much for him to turn up his nose, or to ignore members of the community who are stranded when he drives by. That didn't bother me, though.  I decided that, no matter what his mood is on a given day, I would continue to greet and smile at him. Unconditionally.  Now, after awhile of doing this, I've noticed that his overall demeanor towards me has changed.  He not only smiles at me, but he cracks jokes, too!  One time, I fell asleep on his bus, and when I woke, I said, jokingly, "Why didn't you wake me? You know where I live!" We both laughed hard, and since then it has been an on-going joke ... Read Full Story >>

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Making Last Memories

She was fragile and well on in years. 
Her original care taker had broken a limb and was unable to perform her usual duties but someone else was holding the fort while she recovered.
We visited her for the Christmas Barrel drive. She was weak, and unable to talk, but she was able to hold our hands. We dropped by to give items that were donated by lots of people around the island. 
It was a team effort. We also visited an orphanage, single parents and a young disabled man.
It was not long after our visit that she passed away. I'm glad she was able to experience kindness and we were able to experience her humility and grace. The entire team was touched and very happy to have made a positive contribution to her last days (with the help of the young woman who was nursing her.) 
We were also thankful for our fellow islanders who opened their hearts to give to the less fortunate in the way that they did.

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Sister Saturday

I spent Saturday afternoon with my three year old bubbly and bright step-sister.

We don't know each other very well since she lives abroad but I speak with her mom on occasion and was happy to hear they were visiting for the holidays.
I took her for some ice cream, strolled around town, raced (and let her win,) carried her, watched her write her name in a note book and watched the ending of a wedding together. 
It was nice to have had some time to bond with her - and we look so much alike! 
I also surprised her with an early birthday gift. Boy, she couldn't wait to get home and open it! Her mom sent photos and said she loved it! 
I'm happy and glad I could spend time with my little sis!


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Blind Trust

I was inspired to pay a blind woman's bus fare because I thought she was brave to have gotten on the bus and be totally dependent on others to reach her destination safely. 

She spoke up at the beginning of the trip, and again mid-way, to let the driver know she couldn't see where we were and to remind him not to forget her. He didn't respond. So, when I got off, I reminded him for her and he said he wouldn't forget. 
Later that afternoon, I saw her again, so I knew she got to where she wanted to go and back again safely.


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