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Call The Boss

I had a  conversation with my cell phone company yesterday. 
The person I spoke to was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of my questions about various plans. At first, I just thought, 'Good! They know how to do their job.' But then I though about it some more and today I called his boss.  
At first I think the woman was expecting me to complain but I said I just wanted to tell her how pleased I was with the quality of the service I received. The relieved manager told me no one ever calls to say they have done a good job, so I was glad I did!  

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A Simple but Meaningful Act of Gratitude

Every month, I write letters to two Marines serving in Afghanistan who I don't know.  I thank them for their service to our nation. While I don't know them, I hope that they know how much I appreciate them.

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