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I woke up today with a lot of excitement.. I'm currently traveling and am staying at my dad's sister's place. And I travel from her place today evening, so I was sure I will get opportunities to practice kindness on my way but as soon as I woke up I decided to water her plants in the morning which her maid usually does in the afternoon after finishing all her work. Watering plants in the morning helps save water as little gets evaporated in the afternoon sun.

Then a few days ago I had sent some handmade message cards and bookmarks to a girl in Assam who saw pictures of them on my website and asked if she could buy them from me! I simply told her they are gifts made with love with no price tag and that I will send her some soon. They reached her last evening and her's was the first email in my inbox telling how she wasn't feeling too well yesterday and the cards courier just made her day! Her email is the perfect start to my kindness challenge! :)


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Helping My Dad

I'm currently visiting my parents for a few days, and I had planned on lazing around for most time, as it was immediately after the week of packing and moving out of Baroda.

Yesterday I overheard my father on phone struggling to solve some technical issue at work. I usually do not understand my father's business and often don't get involved in it, but yesterday I spent a whole lot of time trying to make sense of things and help him with the issue.

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Inspiration To Go Ahead and Act

I started volunteering at a school 2 weeks back. They wanted me to come up with ideas on how students can be involved in kindness projects in the community. After two weeks of just talking about ideas, I was feeling my hands twitching to actually do something and bring out the enthusiasm of RAKs {Random Acts of Kindness] in the students and teachers by doing something for them.

We created this post-it wall of "Inspiration TO-GO" at the end of the day so that parents, students and teachers will see it as they come in the next morning :-). As we were writing the messages on each post-it, we felt like some messages were made just for us and we just posted them around our desk. We hope more people will find a message that will speak to them and they will take it.
We also left some blank post-its and a pen for them to add to the wall.

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