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The joy she found in Random Acts of Kindess

In my church class we talked about the tender mercies that happen every day to ordinary people. My young women leader talked about smile cards and told us about the opportunities they give us to do simple acts of service. I took on a challenge to do 3 acts of anonymous kindness each day and leave a smile card with them. It has been so fun to think of the endless reactions the people could have when they find my acts of kindness. I have enjoyed sticking quotes in lockers, treats on desks, and many more surprises. Every time I do service it makes me smile.

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Quilted With Unconditional Kindness

I received a quilt in the mail today from an local organization that makes homemade quilts for people living with cancer. Someone requested it on my behalf, because I would never have thought to ask for myself. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is, and how touched and grateful I am for this act of unconditional kindness and generosity.

It inspires me, and I hope it will inspire you too.
The individual makers stay anonymous, and ask for nothing back.  You can, if you wish, thank the charity on its web site, and donate.  Their quilts are just beautiful, and light, and come with their own carrying case. 

I have received many kindnesses in the course of my illness, but this one really stands out for me, because it is so unconditional, and symbolizes warmth and comfort in such a concrete way. 

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Children Leading The Way

Just had to share Melvin's story! When he heard of Nepal he felt the urge to console these kids, and thought of what helps him.. his cuddly toy! So he drew a wonderful toy to make from scratch (even learned to sew!) and made 350 of these and personally delivered them to children in Nepal. 

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Carry Your Flashlight, Let Your Light Shine Bright

TJ is one of our bonus year third graders. He came to our school site last August with facial scarring, a pronounced limp, and braces on both of his legs due to a major car accident that kept him out of school for six months. TJ is presently physically limited in his abilities to navigate our school campus. Does that slow him down much...Nope! TJ has,along with his Dad, Reggie, and his paraprofessional Sue, started a Flashlight Science Club. Kids are given flashlights to check out the darkened science room, full of embalmed bugs, snake shed, antlers, petrified wood, and other treasures. Weekly as the students gather, TJ takes the microphone, and step by step shares detailed instruction on the proper use of the small flashlights. The no longer used space, aka science room is then darkened to only a single surface light above the exit, and for the next 30-45 minutes, ... Read Full Story >>

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