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Bank of Candy

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 22, 2015
It was such a nice day today, with storms expected tomorrow, so I put the laundry on hold and treated my adopted mom to lunch. <3

We walked around the entire mall, and I found a bank of candy machines that I filled with quarters. :) My mom said she had never seen anyone do anything like that!
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sshoulders wrote: Boy, you made someone happy today. :)
splain wrote: I am going to do this one. What about those rides in the big stores, that would also work, leave money in slot
DANCE wrote: I can imagine you filling the machines and it brings a smile to my face, also when I think of the smiles of those kids when the get the treats!!! :-)
terre wrote: Sorry you couldn't find comfy shoes for adopted mom. Check out SAS (San Antonio Shoes) -- they have a website and show their great shoes and I think you can find local stores that carry them. they make the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
melnotes wrote: Now that is a lovely act of kindness for the next person to find as a surprise!
kmbhai wrote: Smile !!!
leoladyc728 wrote: yummy kindness. You made some people very happy today.
savraj wrote: Such a beautiful sight!!!
Brindlegirl wrote: Inspiring all ages abd everyone you meet with your kindness ♥
lolhahaomg wrote: This is so great!! I am sure your mom was very happy ;))

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