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Wings of Joy Shared

My elderly neighbor, who is housebound, has always enjoyed watching birds. Since she is no longer able to get close to nature, I brought the birds closer by hanging a hummingbird feeder from a hook off her home's gutter edge, where she could see it well.

Now that the hummingbirds have migrated to warmer climates for the approaching winter, I will replace the hummingbird feeder with a sunflower-hearts seed feeder, designed for perching birdsonly. That way, there will be no mess and my neighbor can enjoy the various birds, such as chickadees, finches, etc. We are so blessed to be able to share these gifts with our feathered friends. Their wings uplift us to much joy!

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Aren't We All Family?

I noticed elderly man was wobbly on his feet and was trying to steady himself by grabbing at a bush outside the rest area facility, but then sort of slowly collapsed to the concrete sidewalk as another bystander. My husband and I ran to his aide. Thankfully, he didn't hit his head on the sidewalk! A few more of us gathered around, assessing the situation. I gave my cell phone to husband to call 911. It seemed lot happened all at once, but there were at least 4 or 5 of us by the man's side. <3 His wife was alerted (she had been walking their dog in the pet area) and then she brought his oxygen. Someone took his pulse; another cushioned his head. Waiting for the ambulance to get there, I held his hand and looked in his eyes. I patted his face and touched his forehead. I assured him that ... Read Full Story >>

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Customer Ahead Of Me In Line

Customer ahead of me in line was short a few dollars on her order. As she was directing what items to put back, I offered to pay the difference. The customer graciously accepted :).

After the customer left, cashier thanked me as well :)).

Grateful that the Universe put me right where I needed to be of assistance. Abundant blessings, my kind friends.

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Gifts for My Birthday

At home all day today because of car getting serviced provided me with great opportunity for some birthday kindness :)).

Collected various household items, foodstuffs, books and clothes to item for each year of my birth! (Don't try and count! A few items are hidden...)

Bringing them to the appropriate donation locations tomorrow <3.

Truly a joy to be here another year on this wonderful Earth! Blessed and grateful.

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Giving is receiving

"You take debit, don't you?" the customer ahead of me in line at the thrift store asked, as her purchases were totaled. Since it's a new location for "Hope's Attic" (don't you just love that name?), they hadn't gotten all the nuances of different payment methods sorted out yet. The two women were together, and honestly, looked like they led challenging hard-working lives. Only had a few dollars cash between them. "Do you mind if I pay the balance?" I inquired. "Oh, no, that's okay...". "Please, I'd like to, if it's alright, with you..." And then, we looked into each other's eyes, smiled and she agreed. Had a small discussion about how giving is really like receiving; how sometimes we are the giver and sometimes the receiver. Even the cashier got into the conversation, "That's about the nicest thing I've ever seen in here! And we see a lot of great stuff." Gave everyone a Smile card and ... Read Full Story >>

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Bank of Candy

It was such a nice day today, with storms expected tomorrow, so I put the laundry on hold and treated my adopted mom to lunch. <3

We walked around the entire mall, and I found a bank of candy machines that I filled with quarters. :) My mom said she had never seen anyone do anything like that!

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Delving into Difficulty

The head librarian seemed sort of distracted and as we talked, it became apparent that she was grieving for her mother that had recently transitioned.

I stopped the setting out of materials and my busyness in getting our coloring meet organized to stop and listen: to really open my heart and hear the pain and love that she was willing to share.

Although her mother had been in hospice, still that final farewell (from this physical existence) is always a challenge.

We hugged for a good while.

Remember to take the time, my friends, to delve into those "difficult" parts when someone needs to share, is a privilege, their confidence.

Sending blessings of comfort and strength for all those facing such recent challenges.

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39 Roses For Each Year

As I handed folks a rose, I said, "We're celebrating our anniversary and giving out a rose for each year...39! Would you like one?" So many smiles and hugs and stories about recipient's anniversaries we shared over the simple beauty of a colorful rose; the joy (and heartbreak too -- some partners gone) to a deeper connect of LOVE. From the library to the grocery store parking lot, from the restaurant (where I went back and gave our server another rose, because she was so very dear) to the drive-thru coffee shack...each rose my husband and I gave put put a new smile in our hearts. I'm leaving two roses on our front porch tonight (giving out these many roses is exhausting!), so my niece can pick them up on her way to work, and give one to co-worker too. My husband started the tradition of a rose for every year of our marriage ... Read Full Story >>

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Inspirational Sweet Pea Seeds

Handing out seed packets with inspirational sayings on them were HUGE hit at my health club, so I bought some more to label and bring in on Wednesday.

A customer behind me in line at the store asked me what I was doing with so many seed packets, wondering if I had a big garden. I told him that I was going to give them away and inquired whether he had a place to garden. He said yes, he enjoyed growing vegetables. I was glad I had bought vegetable as well as flower seeds this time. I gave him a package of sweet pea seeds and wished him well!

I love sowing these seeds of kindness :)

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A Small Christmas Miracle During a Challenging Time

Every time I see an outside evergreen decorated with lights, I remember the kindness of my father-in-law's neighbors. A few years ago, Dad was in at home hospice care during the holidays, confined to the back guest room turned medical center. His bed faced the neighbor's hedge of bushes and a huge evergreen. When the neighbors found out that was Dad's view, they decorated the tree with so many colored lights that it nearly lit up the whole backyard 🎄!!! No one else could really see or appreciate their tree of Light from that vantage point, except for Dad, lying in his bed, preparing to transition. Time slowed and everything became washed in the glow of Peace, as it does in those special moments of pivotal events. Grateful that Dad, and all of us who visited, had those Lights to help guide us thru a challenging time. Many thanks to each of you who choose ... Read Full Story >>

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Off to See the Wizard...

The cashier rang up the "Life" magazine issue celebrating the 75th Anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz.." She remarked, "Oh, how I love the "Wizard of Oz!" I wish I had a copy of the movie."

We exchanged pleasantries on how we both enjoyed the classic film. "Have a blessed day!" the cashier said, handing me my packages.  I thought, "Yes, I will give this kind woman my copy of the Wizard of Oz."

When I returned home and checked my DVD library, I was surprised to find that I had two copies! The cashier was delighted with my gift of the movie.  I was doubly blessed in realizing the generosity of the Universe, for I was truly willing to give away my only copy. 

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Casual Kindness

Colleague mentioned how she and her husband had recently celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary, which prompted her to research the meaning of "4." In doing so, discovered that "4" was the number associated with perseverance, which of course is indeed needed to be married 44 years!

Brought her this book that I happened to have about that very quality :). Is one of my favorite books and have given many copies away over the years. Happy to revisit it again myself in the giving.

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Gifted the satellite TV installer a rose

Gifted the satellite TV installer a rose from my birthday dozen.

Gave it to him in a vase with a little bow, along with a few origami peace doves.

He got the goofiest grin on his face as he smiled a thank you, holding that vase like he had never gotten a gift of a rose before :).

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My Opal Earrings

Left an anonymous gift of my opal earrings, a SMILE card, origami dove and an encouraging note to one of the clerks at the wild bird supply store that is closing.

Clerk was there, so I propped the addressed card on a shelf where she is sure to find :)). She had admired the earrings last time I was there, as well as my car (she helped carry my purchases).

I admit this one was tough, I really liked those earrings <3. But, at least I didn't give her the car :))). Husband may have balked at that!

Smiling inside, thinking of her finding them!

*oh, gave them a rose too <3.

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The produce clerk at my local grocery store always has a kind word and smile for me. :) Today, I gifted her with a SMILE bag that had a kindness token, an origami dove and a SMILE card.

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Elder Friend Doesn't Like ...

Elder friend doesn't like idle hands either :). She's been crocheting hats to give cancer care patients. She's done 23 so far!

Gifted her some yarn from husband's aunt to help keep her supplied in materials.

Blessed in her lovely role model of giving.

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A Green Dove

We had a very rainy and foggy hour-long drive into the city yesterday. I am grateful that I got to make origami doves as passenger. Keeping my hands busy brings me such calm. I can even fold them in the dark now!

I gave a dove to a helpful saleswoman during my time in the city and she exclaimed, "Oh, I love this, thank you! Green is my favorite color too."

Blessings of sharing a peace of positive energy, my friends :)

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My Opal Earrings Return To Me ...

Opal earrings return to me :)).

Gave my favorite pair of opal earrings to a salesclerk (anonymously left them on a shelf with card) a few months ago. I really liked those earrings, but since she had admired them, thought it was the right thing to do....teaching me again the lesson of impermanence.

While on recent vacation, I found the EXACT pair of earrings in a shop that was having a close-out sale for the season. Was 1/3 the price and knew that they were to be mine again.

What is that saying about if you let something go and it never returns, it wasn't meant to be?? Well, seems if you let something go and it returns, it was meant to be :))).

Grateful to be open to both giving and receiving, my kind friends.

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For the Win!

“Hello! How’d you survive the snowstorm?” greeted Shelly, as she began to ring up my grocery purchases. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we exchanged stories about our winters, the height of snow on our roofs, how we’ve been keeping sane, how MisterM and I should’ve stayed in Texas and Mexico a little longer :)). Usually, I gift the cashiers their favorite bar, but this time… “Could you pick me out a lottery ticket?” I asked Shelly. “Any particular one?” “You decide.” I replied. After I paid for everything, I pushed the lottery ticket towards her, “This is for you, if you are able to receive it.” Shelly got this shocked look on her face (it was one of those $5 tickets) and said, “I didn’t think this was for me!” I smiled and requested, “If you win, how about taking me out for lunch?” That’s the funny thing about kindness, I already feel like a ... Read Full Story >>

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Cashier Remembered Me As ...

Cashier remembered me as soon as I told her to keep the dark Dove chocolate bar that I added to my grocery purchase.

"Oh, I looked up the website ( and showed your origami (peace) dove to my manger," she said, her whole face lighting up. "I don't have much time to go online, but liked the site."

I gave her another dove to give her boss, as well as a candy bar and dove to cashier in next lane.

Was almost out the door, when she caught up to me and asked if she could please have another dove, for a colleague who really needed a positive lift.

Grateful that I happened to have a small bag with SMILE card, dove and a blessing token that I had tucked in my purse.

Love how the kindness is rippling, my friends.

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Third Batch of Seeds

This is third batch of garden seeds with quotes on them that I've gifted to health club. They are a HUGE hit!

Brought home some of their pens home to put artificial flowers on, which were also a HUGE hit!

Blessed and grateful that they are so very receptive to my giving :)).

Blessings of community, my kind friends.

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Finding a Way

It's not that easy to go shopping out here. There are not many stores or options.

So, I put on my thinking cap and made these paper roses with pencils as stems as a thank you for librarians during National Library Week.

A little bit of creativity can go a long way in expressing appreciation 😊.

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Grocery fatigue!

The grocery cashier looked a little frazzled. Seems she works 7 days a week at 2 jobs. Gave her a just purchased lottery ticket with my best wishes :).

Blessings of rest and good fortune for all who work so tirelessly.

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Kindness Shifting

Was given a stack of magazines recently to recycle as origami Peace dove paper :).

Decided to look thru them first and was pleasantly surprised to see a Project Kindness section, where readers write in with their kind acts :). Plus an entire page of an inspirational quote and image.

Since turning off the TV and most media, I guess I have sort of been out of touch, but glad to see the kindness rippling, my friends :)))).

Good to check in now and then! Grateful for the shift taking place and envisioning more and more <3.

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A Poem By Mindy

the kindness blessings 
of our combined energies
reach past the moments
of the ever-Now
into whatever presents
of here and how.
decades and days
months and millennia
years as drops in a sea
of the eternal unfolding
laugh, dance and sing
tears, worries and lessons
TIME teaches us the gift
of evolutionary sessions.

mj 12.31.15 poem and drawing

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I Am A Daisy (Poem by mindyjourney)

I am a daisy
Most of the time,
With a sunshine center
And petals of white defined.

Sometimes, I am budding satin rose though,
Unfurling to reveal a fragrance that I've only begun to know.

When my feelings cannot be contained,
That's when I am a wildflower
Tenacious and nodding in the wind
Bowing in prayer to a higher power.

Vases and meadows
Gardens and garlands
I am the bloom of them all.
Just as you are.
Heart-shaped and laughing
We are each a blossoming star.

Brush off the dust of doubt.
Reach towards the flowering within
To find the glorious gratitudes without.

Tied with a ribbon or allowed to run free
I embrace the gift of each unique flowering me.

For when I admire your tendrils of bloom
That is me I see
In our garden of a transformative we.

mj poem 6.26.17 and photo

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Loaded A Few Quarters ...

Loaded a few quarters in gumball machines (and even a mechanical "horse" ride) today while walking in a nearby tourist town.

Love to think of the kids surpirse when they discover the kindness of an anonymous quarter :).

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Santa Hats Spread Kindness

My husband and I wore our Santa hats to the downtown Christmas walk. We gave a lot of smiley ho-ho-ho's (see SMILEY POWER challenge :)), free cookies and cocoa.

We also left an origami Peace dove in each store; on Christmas trees, on a shelve or gave one a to particularly friendly employee.

At at restaurant for dinner, when we walked in everyone clapped! :) Seems they were doing it for everyone, but what a welcome! Felt great!
Our dinner waiter (who drew this awesome pic on take home box!) loved his dove too <3.

'Tis the season for holiday cheer, my kind friends.

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Smile Bags :)

I made some SMILE bags to have on-hand. Each one has an origami peace dove, a SMILE card and either a restaurant gift card, woven bracelet, some cash or a kindness/blessing token.

Blessings of sharing the SMILES, my kind friends! :)

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Card-Making Party to Send to Hospitalized Children

This event was a huge success, with a full table of card-makers for a solid 3 hours.So much creativity and community building! From babes and their moms, seniors between fitness classes, to employees on their breaks -- everyone who joined in had such beautiful energy to share. Plus, friends and fellow colorers/health club members had made cards at home and brought them in to share --- about 150!!! Valentine's Day cards and general thinking of you cards. All made with love and healing in mind. And you know what was REALLY COOL???? A husband and wife team, asked if their church youth group could use any of the supplies left to make cards at their meeting tonight to add to our donation! Of course they were welcome to use what was left to keep spreading love! There were so any WOW moments and that, for me, was a sure sign of grace and ... Read Full Story >>

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