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Being a Big Sis for My Little Friend

--by cassiemeadows, posted Oct 12, 2008

I want to tell you all about Clare.  I refer to her as Little Clare because I know so many Clares.  I have a feeling no matter how old she gets, she'll always be Little Clare to me.

My school goes all the way from classes for five year olds to classes for 18 year olds, with a seperate area for the junior and senior school.  Last year, I bumped into my old year 5 teacher in the library.  My teacher called me over and asked how I was going. Then she told me about Clare. "I have a girl in my year 3 class. Her name's Clare and she reminds me so much of you, Cassie. She seems a little bit lost in class.  Do you think you could come down one lunch time and maybe have a chat to her?" Of course I was very keen to do this and to meet Clare in order to find out how, exactly, she was like me.

Clare turned out to be a pale little girl, slim and small for her age, with beautiful dark eyes and long dark hair in two plaits that reached right down her back.  She had a small face with delicate features and was very quiet. After talking to the 8 year-old for a while, we discovered that we both enjoyed reading and writing short stories.  I recommended the Chronicles of Narnia, explaining that it was a wonderful fantasy series that everyone should read (if you haven't please do so!).

I started vistiting the junior school as often as I could during morning break to read aloud some of the books to Clare.  After a while, other girls started coming to listen too, and I started getting a reputation in the junior school as the "big reading girl'. Some days I didn't read and instead just talked to Clare.  We talked about her friends, school work, books we'd read and things we'd done.  I told her about the work I was doing sometimes and she always surprised me so much with her great intelligence.  We talked about religion and philosophy and other general interest things they don't teach in school at her age.

I still go to see Clare as often as I can.  There are days when I get so excited about Clare, about how brilliant she is and how far she'll go in life.  Excited about how much she understands about the world.  Being with her and talking to her excites me to no end.

I just wanted to share that excitment with you and to encourage everyone to mentor somebody in their life who could use a little bit of support. Oh! and if you have any suggestions of what I should read to her next PLEASE post them!

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Ilive2uplift wrote: Your kindness to clare will live with her forever cassie! What you're doing is so beautiful and i applaud you!
AURELIA wrote: That's so nice that you've bonded with Clare. Sounds like you both are learning from one another. As far as books, I loved spunky Anne of Green Gables and also Laura from Little House on the Prairie Series..I also liked Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, like The Ugly Duckling, The Emperors New Clothes, Princess and the Pea....Not sure if kids ever read those anymore. Good Lessons in each.
Thank you for sharing your love for reading with young ones. I've struggled my whole life with reading...wish I had someone who would have sat with me like you are doing. Bless your heart. ~Aurelia
wayfarer wrote: Oh wow! Cassie, you could be the pivot around which that little life turns. What an awesome responsibility and what a fantastic honour.
Someday in the future she might be on a site like this telling others about the big reading girl who made such a difference to her life!
brighteyes wrote: I love your story, your befriending Clare and your mentoring and reading to others....I loved Hans Christian Anderson too like Aurelia, but also Heidi, I loved Anne of Green Gables too, Winnie the Pooh and Charlotte's Web....we'll think on some got me smiling too! Good Job Cassie ;)
makesomeonesmile wrote: How wonderful that you took the time to help that little girl. You will forever impact her life with your kindness, something you can always be very proud of. Thanks and keep up the great work Cassie!
AURELIA wrote: Good Morning Cassie, I happened to think about another good book. It's by Julie Andrews...MANDY. If you like the Little Princess or The Secret Garden, then this is a good choice. Have FUN...:0) Aurelia
lmil1954 wrote: Hi cassie, Im so happy to share in your joy!!! And you and Clare are both blessed to have each other. You are doing a great thing for her. Keep it up! Linda:)

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