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Courageous Freeway Kindness Ensures a Man's Safety

--by acostastrings, posted Dec 27, 2015
One evening I was in Los Angeles traffic navigating rush hour to get to an orchestra rehearsal.

Cars were moving in stop and go traffic at a slow pace. Suddenly I heard horns honking, and a crash. Two car lengths in front of me a motorcyclist had fallen down, rolled off his bike and landed on the freeway!

I stopped and shouted to find out if he was OK. He did get up and started to walk his bike off the five lane freeway. I then proceeded to block traffic so he wouldn't get run over and followed him to the side of the freeway.

Another driver that had also seen him fall pulled over to help. The driver immediately called for paramedics and Highway Patrol. The motorcyclist used my phone to call Triple A for transport, I then waited for the emergency help to arrive and gave CHP my statement. 

I'm so thankful the motorcyclist was not seriously injured and that I was able to help in a small way. It was a great reminder for us to drive carefully, be kinder to other drivers on the road and remember to be vigilant.
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木木不哭 wrote: Because of you,the society will be better. :)
kvpsummer wrote: Thank goodness he was surrounded by such goodness. Love and light to you all.
mindyjourney wrote: Wow! thank you for being of such support and help to motorcyclist <3.
splain wrote: Thank goodness you were there. Just you being there would have made him feel better and cared about.
lt33 wrote: Wow he definetly had his guardian angel You that day watching out for him what an amazing act if kindness 👍😊
savraj wrote: Thankyou for your quick response to help this person ✨
melnotes wrote: Thank you for your kindness and caring :)
terre wrote: Major freeway kindness! Thank you so much!

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