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12 Cents Short

--by sweetp, posted Nov 11, 2008

I just experienced a moment that turned my entire day around, and had to tell all of you about it!

I went to the cafeteria today to purchase my lunch, a fairly routine activity for me. But, today was different. I entered the line, ready to purchase my lunch. However, when I reached the cashier, I realized that I did not have a debit or credit card with me. So, I dug through different sections of my bag, looking for loose change. After a while, it became clear that, while I found most of the money I needed, I was still too short to make my purchase.

I started looking around for people who may respond nicely to a request for a small amount of change. I thought about all the times we pass people on the street and say that we don't have anything to share. Would that happen to me? I was too hungry to worry about it, someone would help. I looked for one of my friends in the cafeteria, but it was too early for any of them to be taking their lunch yet.

A very friendly woman appeared in line in front of me. I asked her if she could spare 12 cents. Instead, she suggested that I give her my sandwich, and anything else I would like to purchase!! I told her that I only needed the sandwich, and offered her the change I had found. However, she insisted on treating me!!

About two months ago, I posted a story where someone told me to give him my leftovers. At the time, I was taken aback by his forthright request, but gave him the sandwich anyhow. I spoke about how we should learn to give without expectation of anything in return, even a thanks. And today, a woman joyfully paid for my entire meal, leaving me with my spare change to eat later on in the day! I am still in utter disbelief as to how it all worked out for me when I was in my moment of need!!

I hope this happens to you, too!!!

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lovebug wrote: It really was a wonderful story. I love stories with good endings. Could it be, sweetp, stands for sweeti pie. You sure made my day.
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: It makes me smile to ready your story. Thanks!
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: Whoops, make that 'to READ your story"! Bad editing!
PayingForward wrote: Great story. It is another reminder that there are some really wonderful people in this world. I love this site because it seems like in the media all we hear about is the bad things that people do. It is such a blessing to read ... and experience ... stories like yours. Thanks for sharing. :)
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is wonderful! I hope to hear more about kindness in the world. It gives us all hope!
JuneBug wrote: Maybe someday you can do the same for someone else...I'm glad God put that lady near you! :}
cabbage wrote: What goes around.....! Proof over and over again! :-) I'm really glad that you met your angel for the day.
humaira wrote: Hey that story was really too good.. i was just thinking what if god didn't send that angel for you!!but god blessed you.. thanks for sharing.. keep spreading smiles.. god bless!!
AURELIA wrote: Hi Sweetp! The shoe was on the other foot today for sounds like it was a humbling experience. God Bless and thank you for always doing such nice things. :O) ~Aurelia
myfbil wrote: Thanks for sharing one more story of how people can be so wonderful!

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