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Any Day is a Good day for Random Acts of Kindess

--by jsmc10, posted Dec 21, 2015
I am knitting some Christmas coasters for my fellow volunteers and paid employees at the British Heart Foundation shop, just for fun. I was hoping to finish them today but they are taking longer than I expected. I have done  three of the ten I wanted to, as I was hoping to give them out tomorrow. But any day is good for a Random Act of Kindness :) I feel shy about handing them out but I will try and be courageous as I would like them to have them. :) 
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patjos wrote: Please let us know how it went, i'd love to know. Remembering that we are only shy on the outside - inside we are truly lions! Rarr! Taking a deep breath with you. x
splain wrote: You know when you feel shy and you think about how you feel. It makes you more shy. You just get in there and hand them out and you will be fabulous at it. What is the worst that can happy?
RoseMarie wrote: Trust your instincts, the fellow employees will love these. Everyone lover kindness, x 💓
savraj wrote: So nice!!!!
lt33 wrote: thats so sweet of you and yes it does feel kind of weird going up to a stranger and handing them a drink or a small gift but the reward is amazing the smile they give u back or sometimes doing it anonymous is great too cause u made a difference for that person today
mindyjourney wrote: So nice to share in your talents and create to fellow workers :)))). Be strong in your kindess confidence! We all had to start somewhere :))
terre wrote: This is a marvelous idea and a lovely handmade gift. I know everyone will appreciate receiving one. It doesn't matter if they aren't ready right now. There is plenty of time. Thank you for doing this.

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