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Stranger's Serendipidous Skateboard Kindness

--by jsmc10, posted Jan 12, 2016
When I was on the till in the charity shop today, an elderly gentleman came in to ask for a skateboard. His wife has had physical therapy and used a skateboard for it. We didn't have any, but another lady was in there and said that she had a skateboard that she was going to throw out. She stated it was a bit rusty and needed a clean and the man said he didn't mind doing that. So they exchanged details and she said she would call him and bring it round for him. Must have been fate for them to be in there at the same time :)  

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AndiCas wrote: How brilliant! Charity shops have a wonderful sense of community to them, which I think fosters interactions like these.
pyronik wrote: great :-) healing wishes to his wife
mindyjourney wrote: LOVE with the Universe coordinates these meets :)))
splain wrote: Don't you just love how that happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mish wrote: Heaven sent 👼
starryskies wrote: How great! Thanks for sharing! :))
sandyremillar wrote: very kind act...
leoladyc728 wrote: perfect day for that gentleman
melnotes wrote: Lovely kindness :)
terre wrote: Serendipity at its best!

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