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Pup helped home safely by stranger

--by Rippleffect, posted Jan 5, 2016
I was driving home today and saw a dog wandering on a busy street. I worriedly drove by and then had to turn around. I put him in the car and went to the nearest subdivision . As luck would have it he belonged the first house I went to! Good job or I might have driven home with him!

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Readers Comments

terre wrote: Thank you for rescuing that dog and reuniting it with its family!
AndiCas wrote: Good move!
pluto178 wrote: Maybe it was a nudge from a puppy out there just waiting to live with you x
splain wrote: You did well. Poor little fella. Glad you could find his home
savraj wrote: That's fantastic! Thankyou for taking care of the doggy!!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you. thank you. thank you!!!!! you were that sweet dogs guardian angel. Blessings.
mavisdias wrote: Oh wow , I love dogs-- and have 2 German shepherds- Watson and Holmes live near me--Thank you for showing love to that
lost pup!

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