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Santa Hats Spread Kindness

--by mindyjourney, posted Dec 19, 2015
My husband and I wore our Santa hats to the downtown Christmas walk. We gave a lot of smiley ho-ho-ho's (see SMILEY POWER challenge :)), free cookies and cocoa.

We also left an origami Peace dove in each store; on Christmas trees, on a shelve or gave one a to particularly friendly employee.

At at restaurant for dinner, when we walked in everyone clapped! :) Seems they were doing it for everyone, but what a welcome! Felt great!
Our dinner waiter (who drew this awesome pic on take home box!) loved his dove too <3.

'Tis the season for holiday cheer, my kind friends.

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kvpsummer wrote: What a fabulous story of holiday cheer.
mish wrote: Lots of merry! 😋🎅
savraj wrote: Joy to the world!!!!
lt33 wrote: Sounds like a fun day & I had that happen before when everyone clapped for people enter a room it makes u feel special cuz first u think they're doing it for u until u catch on but that moment feels just for u 😉
leoladyc728 wrote: It sounds like such a great prelude to the holidays. Glad you had fun.
Brindlegirl wrote: What an awesome takeaway box and great way to share love, happiness and kindness!
splain wrote: what a really beautiful time you had. Very special. I love the clapping. How good is that??
pluto178 wrote: Its Christmas now officially x

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