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Compliments With a Compassionate Twist

--by Rippleffect, posted Dec 18, 2015

I enjoy watching the video from the compliment guys with their positive and thoughtful dispositions! Personally I am careful however about complimenting only how people look . I have a little girl in my class who always tells me I am beautiful. Which I am not! It is an automatic kind if thing she is doing. I try to tell her it is how I act towards her that is really important.

I really try to get the children to accept and honor the differences in themselves and others. Throughout the year I make a big outline of each of their bodies. We give compliments like you are compassionate, thoughtful, hilarious, artistic, fun loving etc. we cover the whole area of these bodies with words.  I hope the picture hangs in each child's bedroom and fills their soul.. No matter what they hear anywhere else.

The kids then make a book for the child which starts with I love you because... When I hear heartfelt compliments from the children towards each other such as " you are kind because you helped me", I feel my job is done! The little girl I mentioned earlier will always give me a hug after the compliment and tells me she love me. That means the world to me!! P.S. You are beautiful!

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kalaa wrote: What a beautiful way of teaching the children that we do is what makes us beautiful! Keep up the great work
mish wrote: Thank you for bring such a wonderful role model for children.
mzhappy2 wrote: Love this! Thanks for making a difference! : )
mindyjourney wrote: You are beautiful inside and out :))), that smile just radiates!
splain wrote: Such a gorgeous, wonderful teacher. Being beautiful is just so much more important than the physical.
savraj wrote: Thankyou for the confidence you are helping these children to build!

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