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Kid Meals for my sisters

--by Bananatheworl, posted Jan 20, 2016
Today, I made "kid's meals" for my two sisters!! :) They loved them!! I got the inspiration from my smile deck. The card that says "Make a lunch for someone and slip a note in" So that's what I did!! :)

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KM bhai wrote: Wonderful act of kindness. Lovely friend.
Mish wrote: Sharing love ❤️
AnnC wrote: Wonderful way to show your sisters how much you love them.
kindmyst wrote: sweet.
noriko1 wrote: I love the quiz you put on the bag:-)
bountiful wrote: love this well done they look fab!!
brindlegirl wrote: How awesomely cool is that!!!!
mindyjourney wrote: So adorable, especially the riddles :))))))
kjoyw wrote: True loving kindness!
savraj wrote: Love the idea of specialized kids meals! You are awesome!

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