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Welcoming a New Teacher with Kindness

--by Rippleffect, posted Feb 8, 2016
Today we had a new teacher join us. Sadly, the previous teacher has left on a mental health leave. As a seasoned teacher(I like that better than old), I forget how scared new beginnings can be.

This morning I left a flower, stickers for the kids and a small note saying "Stay calm and have a great first day" on her desk. Throughout the day I checked in on her and offered to help her any way I can (Of course she had a tech question and I had not idea what to do..but I knew people who did).

It is a lovely feeling to mentor someone and share some wisdom. Looking forward to helping this new teacher in any way I can!
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Readers Comments

Clover wrote: Yes, first days on the job can be scary. How nice of you to help this new teacher that way!
loveelderly wrote: Beautiful story! You're an admirable human being!
loveelderly wrote: Beautiful story! You're an admirable human being!
jemimainjapan wrote: That is so kind! It is so nice to help people who are just starting out; beginnings can be so nerve-wracking. I know i always appreciate it so much when someone shows me around at a new job.
vitalreiki wrote: Fantastic! You are a star pupil xx
vitalreiki wrote: I could teleport you to the pool... butyou're teaching. next time! x
Rippleffect wrote: How great would that be to teleport and meet all of our Kindness Kittens?! XO
AnnC wrote: Your caring support will mean the world~
splain wrote: You made her first day so welcoming and helpful. That will make all the difference in how she views coming to work.
mish wrote: Beautiful kindness x

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