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Thank a Veteran

--by myfbil, posted Feb 3, 2016
 I have created and printed what I call my "Hero Cards" and give them out to veterans that I see in public places, thanking them for their service to our country, or I place them on the driver's side window of cars with veterans plates. I don't usually see the drivers find them but on occasion I do, and love the expressions on their faces. My cards read "My Heartfelt Thanks to You, Veteran. In a world where there seems to be fewer heroes please know that you will always be one in my eyes. From a Fellow American."   

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KraftKindness wrote: What a clever idea! I love it!
myfbil wrote: Thank you. I actually 'borrowed' the idea from a mailing I received and the idea just grew from there. I have them printed on business cards so it's easy to carry a few in my purse all the time.
rippleffect wrote: I teach the kids in my class that our soldiers and veterans are the real Super Heroes on this planet! The makes me think we should make some thank you cards and send them down to the Legion. Will get on that!
mindyjourney wrote: So nice to appreciate the service of those who defend our freedoms. thank you.
splain wrote: I love what you are doing. They have really given so much for their country. I feel for so many of them that were mentally or physically hurt. Some scars never go.
kperrine wrote: Wonderful idea!
savraj wrote: That is so lovely. Thankyou.
horsegirl21 wrote: lovely idea, they certainly are underappreciated
kjoyw wrote: Such a lovely idea. Thank you for honoring those who have served or are in service now.
myfbil wrote: Thank you all for your kind words and gifts of Karmabucks. They are very much appreciated. I love doing for the veterans, whether it's a simple thank you, a gift of a handmade afghan or some other way. This is a constant in my life. rippleffect... I love your idea of having the class make cards for the Legion. You're right.. the veterans ARE the super heroes!
This is always MY pleasure to appreciate the veterans in any way that I can.

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