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Bookmarks for kindness

--by KiwiCat, posted Mar 16, 2016
I got my kindness bookmarks finished. Ive made about 50. One side has got AOK ideas, the other side words of encouragement, and either stickers or scrapbooking paper to brighten them up. I laminated them, hole punched the top and added some embroidery thread to make a tassle at the top. Ill leave them in library books, at the little free library and in my kindness packs.

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Angélika wrote: Such a nice gesture!
Loved it!
pia777 wrote: Touching! God bless you
alisamom wrote: Wow you've been so busy! What wonderful kindness your bookmarks will help spread
splain wrote: these are just great. You are without a doubt a really caring lady.
Brindlegirl wrote: This is so incredibly amazing!!! You could even maybe gift to a bookstore with a sign "free. Please take a bookmark to enjoy with your newly purchased book". Or insert them into library books waiting to be borrowed ♡
savraj wrote: Wow what a fantastic effort you've put into creating these gorgeous bookmarks! They will surely be treasured!
bananatheworl wrote: How awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
leoladyc728 wrote: love them. I should make some for my students.
Novice50 wrote: such a loving gift of time and talent!
Marleen wrote: Wonderful cards!! Love the idea!!

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