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Happy Bathroom Visit

--by kiwicat, posted
Inspired by KS folks who do this, on my road journey today, I left the cafe bathroom cleaner than when I arrived. I wiped down the basin and surround, picked up some paper towels that were on the floor, put two post it notes on the mirror, and left a kindness pack (smiley magnet, notebook, pen, list of kind acts, smile card and a Mindy peace dove) on the shelf.

Readers Comments

Saheli Shah wrote: Wow! Such a thoughtful idea and can only imagine the reaction of the next person who entered :)
mish wrote: You rock!!! Big hugs for you 👍
mindyjourney wrote: Woo-hoo! A kinder and clearner bathroom :)). Well done, my friend.
kjoyw wrote: Wow! What wonderful kindness! You are amazing!
starryskies wrote: Love the kindness pack! I'm going to borrow this one! :) :)
horsegirl21 wrote: very nice
savraj wrote: That so great!!!
splain wrote: I am in awe of you. I think if they were to leave a cleaning product in the bathrooms, it would happen.
leoladyc728 wrote: really love thing you did today.
AndiCas wrote: Brilliant!

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