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Kindness Over Negativity

--by denysewade, posted Feb 22, 2016
I was work on the phone all morning. That can be an very arduous task. I had several opportunities to choose kindness over negativity. This technological age we live in can complicate our lives. Recognizing that it is the technology not the individuals I am dealing with made things go smoother. 
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the3jewels wrote: So easy to form judgments when on the phone. The ego seems to think its protected when its not face to face. Have a lovely day.
kjoyw wrote: Sounds like you did a very good job!
Gyrocloudy wrote: Glad you take it that way. :)
Mish wrote: Well done by you!! Hugs x
splain wrote: That is also something I try to remember. Kindness might not get the problem solved but it will leave a good taste in the mind.
brad2 wrote: good job, it's sometimes hard dealing with the public and keeping a smile on your face, YOU can do it...
mindyjourney wrote: Is a good understand, my friend. Mostly we all doing the best we can :). Thanks for choosing kindness!
lt33 wrote: Good job dear sometimes dealing with people over the phone 📱📞 can be hard you did well keeping your patience 👍
Rippleffect wrote: You must have sent out some good vibes over the phone lines! Your calmness must have been appreciated! THank you XO
savraj wrote: So good of you to be patient.

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