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Cold In Nyc

--by leoladyc728, posted
Kind of self care day today. It was very cold out so I didn't want to spend much time outside. I also cleaned up my house today. Fed my outside kitties, feel so bad for them to be so cold out there.
My friend called me and asked if she could use some of the cat food she had ordered for me(I had already paid for it). She didn't have enough food for the cats she feeds outside. I told her to take 1/2 of the case. I am seeing her tomorrow, I am going to try to leave her some money.

Readers Comments

kiwicat wrote: Thats very kind
Brindlegirl wrote: Thank you Leo!! I'm about to head out to work and this post has reminded me to pack the cat food for the two homeless street cats ♡
splain wrote: Yes I am so like you, hate the cold for the cats who live outside and can't stand to see them have no food. Who built outdoor cat shelters for the feral cats? someone on here
mindyjourney wrote: thank you being so supportive of those dear kitties :)) and with friend. i am busy keeping all my feeders stocked for the birds :) with this deep freeze.
savraj wrote: So kind of you. Thankyou for taking care of the cats. They need extra care as do we in this cold weather!
mish wrote: Full of wonderful!!! And cold is right!!!! Oy. :)

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