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Kindness On The Bus

--by horsegirl21, posted Feb 20, 2016
The other day I helped a girl on the bus. She had put her lunch bag on the floor of the bus, but when she picked it up to get off the paper bag had disintegrated due to snow and wetness and her lunch poured out onto the floor. She was so frustrated, and as her apple rolled over to me I picked it up and I gave her an extra plastic bag which I had with me and we picked up the rest of her lunch together.
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deeptijois wrote: Very nice!
the3jewels wrote: Very kind.
Ravanasura wrote: Good one!
splain wrote: That was very helpful and kind
brad2 wrote: good stuff, you were there for this girl in her time of need, keep up the good work.
savraj wrote: Poor girl! So kind of you to come to her rescue!
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for helping :))). your kindness made a huge difference in her having lunch that day! :))
AndiCas wrote: Love it! So much kindness to be created just by being aware of those around us and taking action.
terre wrote: Thank you so much for helping rescue the girl's lunch!
kjoyw wrote: Imagine that she was so grateful for your kindness!

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