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Giving a little one a fighting chance

--by jsmc10, posted Mar 9, 2016
I  rescued a little wood mouse with an injured leg. I called up a few places to get some advice. They told me to put some cotton wool in a little container and some wet bread. I'm hoping he survives the night. I just wanted to give the little one a fighting chance.
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Shaik noorie wrote: Great! Hope he is ok. I can't belive it you rescued a mose.
wendyloven wrote: Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!
brad2 wrote: Mr. Jingles...
horsegirl21 wrote: how cute. thanks for helping the wildlife. I hope he survives the night :))
mindyjourney wrote: oh, so dear, your care of the little wood mouse <3
Brindlegirl wrote: Bless you. I will say a prayer for him. Please keep us updated xox
Mish wrote: Awww, so sweet, jsmc. Shining healing light x
kjoyw wrote: Such kindness! Do let us know how little wood mouse does.
savraj wrote: You truly are so kind
Marleen wrote: May mrJingles be ok, safe, warm and cared for.. God loves all creatures, great or small!

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