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Zipadeedoodah Kindness...

--by mandymoo900, posted Mar 23, 2016
Hello dear friendies <3

I was a busy bee of Kindness on Wednesday. I had been given Walt Disney stickers from my local supermarket last week and I came up with an idea of what to do with them. I had bought little plastic bags with a sweet bear on it and a sweet saying and I put the packet of stickers in 10 bags, I got out my smile cards and added them. I was able to buy some mini/fun size chocolates and added two different chocolates. 

Then the adventure began. :) I gave one to the waitress at a coffee shop. She was so thrilled, but also curious and asked why I do Random Acts of Kindness.

I asked her how she felt when I gave the wee gift and she said happy. I said that's why I do it. She told me she needed it. That made me feel happy.

Then I had more fun, just looking, wondering who might need a kind gesture. I gave one to a young girl at a fruit/veggie juice shop and she was thrilled and also asked why. So I explained and Karma came up, kindness ripples and adding more love into the world. We had a really enjoyable chat. Perhaps they might be inspired to do something kind. I know if I hadn't come to KindSpring I would never have thought of different ways to show that love, with action.

The last bag was given to a mother and she was thrilled and it made me very happy.

When I got a taxi I gave the driver a chocolate.

It was just so lovely for my soul to do this and I'd like to think that God/The Universe/Angels may have been using me or guiding me. Oh! And something really awesome. The icing on the cake. I gave one bag to a girl who worked at a shoe shop, she knows knows me as one of my girl friends works there and I came up with an idea and asked for permission.

I put one of the goodie bags in a shoe. Well half hidden. It's the closest thing to Cinderella.... Except for chocolates instead of Prince Charming. Now wouldn't it be perfect serendipity/synchronicity if there was a sticker of Cinderella. That would be just perfect.
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ChristineAZ wrote: I love this story! So cute! Keep up the good work!

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