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Makng A Little Boy Happy and Saving an Ice Cream Cake

On Saturday it was really hot and I was waiting for a taxi. I saw lady, a mother, and her little boy sitting in the shopping trolly. He gave his Mum a hug. I thought he looked tired and I was moved by his hugging his mum, so I got out some chocolate coins I had bought and I approached the lady and asked if her boy was allowed chocolates. She said yes and I gave the little boy the chocolates. Oh, he was so happy! You would have thought I'd given him the moon. He had brown eyes that became huge, he was so excited. (I think more by the golden foil.) He was so cute and if he had been my nephew I'd have wanted to tickle his tummy. I chatted to the lady and she told me she had an ice cream Birthday Cake and feared it would melt. ... Read Full Story >>

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Yellow Chrysanthemums

It was me who received kindness today. I was buying some flowers after doing my grocery shopping and the lady at the shop asked if I'd like some free flowers. 

Then she handed me a bunch of yellow chrysanthemums.
I had to hold back tears, as I was feeling worn out and poorly. So I'm spoiled - I have one bouquet of flowers in my bedroom and one in my lounge room. Her kindness meant so much!

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Wagon Wheel To The Rescue

I gave my taxi driver a chocolate Wagon Wheel. When he was driving me home he said he was going to quit the job as he'd been harrassed by one of my neighbours. He told me more which I won't repeat but I really felt for him and I felt sorry for him.

When we were getting my groceries out of the taxi I told him I was going to give him something. He said, oh no etc, but I explained how I do Random Acts of Kindness and I found the wagon wheel and gave it to him.

You see Wagon Wheels are part of an Australian childhood. They were always special treats. The taxi driver said how it reminds him of his childhood and how he would have it on his break. He was really touched. I'm so glad and grateful that I could help brighten his evening.

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Just to Brighten a Friends Day

I was down town and thanks to Angels and serendipity I saw my friend Ali. She hasn't been well and we had both been too tired to text or ring. So we sat down near some of the shops and had a great talk. It was very uplifting.

Something popped into my head and I don't know why, but I said, "let me buy you some flowers!". We were sitting near a small supermarket with flowers and she sat with my stuff as I sniffed out -so to speak - the right flowers. I was trying to find flowers with the right vibe. I had picked out some white lilies and they smelt divine and I was about to buy them and and I changed my mind. I found some beautiful daisy's. 
When I gave them to Ali she just loved them and she just glowed and looked as pretty as the daisy's herself. So grateful to catch up with a dear friend and to brighten her day.

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Zipadeedoodah Kindness...

Hello dear friendies <3 I was a busy bee of Kindness on Wednesday. I had been given Walt Disney stickers from my local supermarket last week and I came up with an idea of what to do with them. I had bought little plastic bags with a sweet bear on it and a sweet saying and I put the packet of stickers in 10 bags, I got out my smile cards and added them. I was able to buy some mini/fun size chocolates and added two different chocolates.  Then the adventure began. :) I gave one to the waitress at a coffee shop. She was so thrilled, but also curious and asked why I do Random Acts of Kindness. I asked her how she felt when I gave the wee gift and she said happy. I said that's why I do it. She told me she needed it. That made me feel happy. Then ... Read Full Story >>

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A Slice of Kindness For His First Day On The Job

I ordered a pizza online and paid online. An opportunity for kindness presented itself. My mum opened the door and I could hear that the pizza guy was friendly etc. Mum told me it was his first day on the job. So I had an idea, I rang the pizza place and asked to speak to the manager.

I told the manager what a great job the new pizza guy did and said he was friendly. The manager was so surprised and I could hear that he was uplifted and he thanked me. I also said the pizza was lovely and thanked him. Can you imagine getting positive feedback on your first day of work? I'm so glad I saw this opportunity for kindness.

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The Best Kind of Bank Deposit

Today at the bank I got served by a girl called Lauren who was being trained. I remember how nerve-wracking it can be when you are just starting out and young. I got some roses and gave them to her. She was so surprised and sparkled. It was a lovely moment.

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Better than Medicine

One evening I was at the chemist, waiting to get some scripts and buying some medicine and a gift for a friend. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a random act of kindness.

I bought a small bottle of perfume and once I had paid for everything, I got the perfume out and I gave it to the girl serving me. She was so surprised, she lit up. She was almost jumping for joy and it was so sweet, her reaction was medicine for me. It was like she had won the lotto. It's so lovely that a small gesture can make such a difference. :)

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A Zesty Mandmoo Kindness Adventure!

Today I went to the fudge shop and treated myself to a hot chocolate and a piece of cheesecake. I didn't have the funds today to buy a piece of fudge. I sat outside, we've had a glorious autumn day. Blue skies, sunny and warm - so there was a springy vibe. I write my novels by hand and worked on my third chapter. Did a bit of day dreaming when I stopped writing. I noticed these really big citrus fruit and they were the biggest lemons you've ever seen. Shannon offered me the lot. They were free. I was quite happy to have two and save the rest for someone also. So I got an idea. You can buy some Lions Australia lollies, similar to lifesavers for 50¢. The money goes to a charity. So I bought some musk lollies and Shannon had a card I could use. So I had a ... Read Full Story >>

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Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice :)

Today I bought some fudge, some for me and some for a delightful stranger. The fudge shop is simply lovely. The owner is so kind and he had his baby daughter with him. I got a wee smile and a little wave from his nearly one year old daughter. 

So I bought the fudge and then magic happened. I don't know who is getting the fudge. This is the first time in ages that I wore a soft pink/red lip gloss. So I kissed the receipt and wrote, "Love From A Stranger. Enjoy the Fudge :) x". It made it so personal. So I can't help but feel so excited. Could you imagine a stranger doing that for you? To think it could transform someone's day. Sugar and spice and all things nice is certainty true in this circumstance!

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She Decided To Stop Over To Her Neighbor's House For A Visit, And Later Learned Just How Needed The Visit Was

Yesterday I went to the shops. I was a wee bit tired but super happy to be out and about. I had some Kindness Adventures! So awesome. I bought a bunch of flowers for my neighbour Amanda. We have just become friends. About a fortnight ago I popped in and she told me how much she loves flowers and I had forgotten that until I was walking to her door. I'm so glad I bought her the flowers for a number of reasons. I didn't know it but she had had a small stroke while she was driving. She is recovered now thank goodness! We held hands talking. I'd made her day as she hasn't been given flowers in years. I'm also going to look through my DVDs to loan her something cheerful and happy. I think she has been quite shaken up after what happened. I also offered while her car ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude Overflowing :)

So guess who experienced kindness? :) Me! A little while ago I got a taxi and was in a chatty mood and picked up a slight Italian accent in the taxi driver who's name I've forgotten (oops!). We had such a lovely chat, he was surprised that I picked up on his Italian accent etc, but Mandymoo grew up with Italians and can speak the tiniest amount of Italian. Anyway today, it's raining cats and dogs and I had bags to carry to the taxi and the dear man came to the house, remembered my name and helped carry my bags. It was so lovely and unexpected and truly appreciated! :))))))

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