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The Lady in The Antique Stall

--by DANCE, posted Mar 20, 2016
I visited an Antiques market this weekend. A friend of mine needed to buy items for her house. I often enjoy looking at all those beautiful 'old' things, love to imagine who used them and what they were used for. I noticed a very fragile lady who had her stall nearby.

I watched for a while (always do...observe). I decided to go and talk to her. Most people I observed only asked for prices and bargained, many left without even saying thank you. I felt she needed 'more'. I always try to talk to people who seem sad or lonely.

We talked about her stall, I asked her about her items and a bit of the story behind some of them, told her about some of my Grandma and Mum's collections, etc. She was so kind and tender, her face changed, smiled a lot, and thanked me dearly for spending time with her. I was even more delighted!
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Angie wrote: What a treasure you have revealed to me. I know our elders are a treasure trove of memories that impact our souls if we just stop and invite to share. Thank you for sharing your experience.
sandra wrote: That is what kindness is about - by sharing memories with this lady, you most likely took some of the pain out of parting with her things that hold a special place in her life. To her they weren't just antiques, they were pieces of her life history. You brought her joy. Thank you for caring about a stranger.
moonstone wrote: This was very kind of you when i go to the flea love to hear story from the vendors they make my day and then i think the world is not really so bag.
NAYIGA RESTY wrote: I love gifts too and the word 'thanks is vital'.
DANCE wrote: I'm so grateful for all your kind words!
terre wrote: It's hard enough if someone has to part with treasured items because they need money. But to not have any interactions, it's worse! I love to talk with people like this and hear the stories behind and about the things they are selling.
pluto178 wrote: Just in the exchange of words the world is changed. x
melnotes wrote: How wonderful :)
mindyjourney wrote: A beautiful exchange and connection, my friend :)). Priceless!
AnnC wrote: Isn't that the wonder of kindness -- you brightened her day and she brightened yours. Great kindness.

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