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A Beautiful Pack of Gratefulness

--by mnc_91, posted May 12, 2016
Last night on my way home, I dropped by a shop to buy some snacks for the office. I bought three packs of biscuits: one pack was particularly requested by our trainee, the other pack was something new for us to try and the third pack was my favorite. 

On my way out of the store, I met the garbage collector who seemed to be just waiting for the store to close in order to do his job. Something deep inside prodded me to give my favorite biscuit pack to the man. So without hesitation I gave him my favorite pack and I was rewarded with a thank you given with the most beautiful and sincerest smile I ever had that day!
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bhawtankar wrote: That was very kind of you sharing your favorite pack! I'm sure garbage man must have loved the surprise gift!
splain wrote: Such a nice gesture
TC wrote: Lovely.
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for your kindness :)))). Well done!
speedyfrade wrote: I love this gestures and the smiles we get back. So kind of you <3
kjoyw wrote: Very well done! You are so kind!

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