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Saving The Earth One Door At A Time

--by gardengal10, posted Jul 15, 2016
Our newer neighbors have been doing massive re-muddling to their over 100-year-old
home. I noticed that they had disposed of several over 100-year-old solid oak doors with lovely hinges and hardware. I corraled my spouse and we rescued them from the trash heap. Not being able to use them ourselves, we contacted the former owners of the house who had moved into a "newer" house.

They were able to use the doors in many forms in their new house, by using them as their intended purpose, cutting one down to use as a table. They picked up the last door last evening. The earth has been saved of more useful things from landfills and those gorgeous old wood doors have been able to live many more years.

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Readers Comments

alisamom wrote: Well done! My stingy ( frugal, thrifty, collecting) heart cringed if I imagine such treasures on a trash pile! :O
TC wrote: Such a beautiful way to repurpose the doors.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being the connecting force to make this happen! Such beauty in the repurposing of that craftsmanship :))
Mish wrote: That was so wonderful to do!! Thank you 👍
splain wrote: Who could throw doors like that away.??? Thank you for rescuing them. The doors returned to their former owners, seems so right..
scushman wrote: Wonderful! Namaste _/|\_ ૐ☮
1sher wrote: Fantastic salvage & resuscitation ~ Yea re-use and sharp eyed neighbors~
kiwicat wrote: Good grief. I think i would have cried if i had seen an oak door in a skip bin. Thank you for saving it.
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful! So many wonderful uses to repurpose those great old doors! Good for you!

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