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Rain Deterred Their Plans, So They All Pulled Together To Help The University Choir Get To Their Destination

It began to rain yesterday morning and it still hasn't stopped. Rain suggests gentle. It has not been gentle. The rain barrel, waiting to be attached to the downspout, was knocked over, not to mention a few chairs in the patio are on their sides. The university choir was to be transported to our venue by 4:45 p.m. They would be missing dinner at their dorm so one of our choir members prepared both a vegetarian meal as well as a non-vegetarian meal for the 25 singers. Others of us prepared side-dishes. Their bus never arrived for them. In the pouring rain, they had to take the "L" from Hyde Park to a stop near our concert site. Several of our members, attired in concert dress (long black skirts, tuxedos) drove to the station making several trips to pick up the student singers, and not all of them arrived on the same ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude All Around

Yesterday, RoseMarie wrote a lovely post. She wrote of giving a thank-you note with a monetary gift to her daughter's social worker. I would like to add something to this. Before Christmas I went to the medical group's lab to have some routine tests. When the lab tech saw my doctor's name, she began to gush and wouldn't stop. My internist had gifted all of the lab technicians with gift cards for Christmas. The tech said that in the 20 years that she had worked, no one had ever gifted her before. Fast forward to Wednesday, when I had a routine visit with my doctor. I shared the story and he indicated that the tech had written HIM a beautiful thank-you note. We talked about small gestures and how meaningful they can be. He said that sometimes even professionals don't know if or how they have an influence on their fellow workers ... Read Full Story >>

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The Effect Of A Written Note

I have been in an active adult fitness class since I retired from work. There was a charming, delightful member of the group who always put a smile on our faces. Two years ago her husband became seriously ill and after having been released from hospital needed nursing home care....for two years.

She has spent most of the days of those two years at the nursing home with him for a good portion of the day. She didn't answer emails, so on occasion I would send her a note and she would reply with an update on her life.

Recently, members of the class wondered what she was doing. I dropped her a note and received a reply today. She was so tickled that we still thought and cared about her. A month ago, her husband was allowed to come home. She has a good caregiver for him who arrives early in the morning. She wants to know when our fitness class picks up again after the new year.

I'm so pleased that I wrote and so pleased that she may have the opportunity to return to class.

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Acts Of Kindness Inspired By Women's March

Tomorrow is presidential Inauguration day in the United States. I wish that I could say that I feel better than I did the day after the November election, but I don't. Some friends are taking part in the Women's (and some men) March in Chicago to coordinate with the March on Saturday in Washington, D.C. They are not marching as a protest but rather in solidarity with values that we hold dear. I had other commitments on Saturday, but what could I do as a positive action?

I came up with a plan. I purchased five $5 gift cards from a food store chain, tucked it into an envelope with a peace dove (the best of my hand-made bunch), prayer card tucked into wing, and a Smile Card. They will be placed on unsuspecting car windshields as I go about my chores on Friday and Saturday. (hopefully, the rain that is hitting my windows now will be over by tomorrow).

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Tale Of The Missing Wood Rabbit

Before Easter I had purchased a little rustic-looking wood rabbit that I placed on my front steps. Several weeks ago, it appeared to have hopped away with the help of some unsavory kids.

 I couldn't blame them for certain as I had no proof only a suspicion. It simply annoyed me and I wondered what happened to it. The lady on my far corner has fence upon which she places cutesy little "things". Today as I took my walk, what caught my eye but said rabbit without its base.

She was working in her garden and I inquired about it. She shared how she had found it in the street and encouraged me to take it back when she heard my tale. But I realized it looks so cute on her fence and at least I know what became of it even though I still can't pin the deed on anyone. Sometimes just knowing the end result is enough. 

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Saving The Earth One Door At A Time

Our newer neighbors have been doing massive re-muddling to their over 100-year-old
home. I noticed that they had disposed of several over 100-year-old solid oak doors with lovely hinges and hardware. I corraled my spouse and we rescued them from the trash heap. Not being able to use them ourselves, we contacted the former owners of the house who had moved into a "newer" house.

They were able to use the doors in many forms in their new house, by using them as their intended purpose, cutting one down to use as a table. They picked up the last door last evening. The earth has been saved of more useful things from landfills and those gorgeous old wood doors have been able to live many more years.

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Flowers for Patience in the Checkout Line

After having lunch with friend on Friday, we ducked into a grocery store to pick up a few items. I think each of us had three items in our hands. The check-out lines consisted of people with overflowing carts.

We chose the line with the customer who had the smaller cart, relatively speaking. The customer told both of us to go ahead of her. We protested but she insisted and also indicated that she was in no hurry. We both thanked her, but the nicest surprise was that the checker told the bagger (in a very soft voice) to bring the customer a bouquet of flowers.

So nice that the employees are encouraged to reward customers that go above and beyond.

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The Pizza Found A Home

I spoke with my "local" sister today and she relayed this story which I have been given permission to share. My brother-in-law had a taste for pizza from a near-by pizzeria. When he went in to place his order for carry-out, the clerk explained that they had one ready that had been made in error. It was his if he wanted it for dirt cheap. He purchased it and when he brought it home and he and my sister opened the box, they discovered that it was massive and that it would be a mistake on their part if they even took one bite. She knew that they would eat all of it. Her next door neighbor was celebrating the holiday with their very large family and so she told my brother-in-law to take the pizza to their house. Upon delivering it to their door, he discovered that one of neighbor's sons ... Read Full Story >>

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A Gift Of Welcome

Went to the first class of a four-week summer session of foreign language. Our classes are set up as the foreign language being taught as a second language. The teachers will take their skills back to their home country at the end of four weeks and, hopefully, we'll have learned a bit more as well.

One of the teachers was here last year; for the other, this is her first time in the U.S. I know where they are staying here and I know that they need to prepare their own meals. I brought a bag of our garden-picked veggies for them: some zucchini, tomatoes, and two different types of green beans. I also included two origami peace doves with a peace sentiment in their language tucked into the wings.

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The Extra Ticket

Our concert was performed this past weekend. We are a community volunteer group of singers. I don't volunteer as much as I should, so I generally purchase a block of tickets to give to people that I know might be going.

Yesterday, I found myself with one unused ticket before the concert. Not giving it away would just mean that there was extra money in the till. Instead, I went to the ticket table and told the person selling tickets that this was going to be Random Act Of Kindness.

She was to give the ticket to the next person who was going to purchase a ticket. I don't know who it was. I didn't see the ticket seller later. I do wish that I could have seen the look on the attendee's face and I wonder if they might have given an extra donation or passed the kind act forward.

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Book Finds A New Home

Last year while on vacation to another country, I picked up two books that had been translated into English. I came home, immediately added them to the stack next to the bed and forgot about them until a few weeks ago. I finally read one of them, enjoyed it, and tried to decide where it was going to go next.

When I take my daily walk, I pass a house and  talk with the owners. It turns out that Mr. Owner was a copier repairman who was often called to my workplace during the years that he worked for the copier firm that we used. Coincidentally, his last name is the same as the author of the book that I read. Found a postcard from our ancestral homeland, wrote a note and deposited it and the book into his mail slot on my walk this morning.

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Delightful Encounter

One of our neighbors is helping to collect items for a friend and residents of an island stricken by the recent hurricanes. I was shopping today for items for this as well as for a Boy Scout in our community working on his Eagle Project.

While at the big box store, I became aware of a young mom with her toddler daughter. Mom was very engaged with her child as they shopped. I had to stop her to offer my appreciation for the fact that she was so engaged with her little girl. I know this is the way it should be, but I become so saddened when I see moms texting or talking on their cell phones and completely ignoring their children. I complimented her and told her wee one that she had the best mom ever. Mom said that I made her day, but truly, she made mine.

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Her Neighbors Yearly Blooms Inspired An Act of Kindness In Appreciation

A neighbor down the street sows marigold and zinnia seeds in a small spot in her front yard. When the flowers finally bloom, they are so cheerful looking.

It's springtime here and every shop has a rack with veggie or flower seeds to entice. I picked up a packet of zinnia seeds this week and included them with a little note expressing my appreciation for her efforts each year. I'll drop them in her mail slot when I take my walk today.

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A Few Acts Of Kindness

I want to acknowledge an act of kindness that I witnessed yesterday. It was my week to volunteer at our church food pantry. Usually, the 5th Tuesday is very slow and quiet. Not yesterday. The act of kindness was from some unnamed member of our church who donated extra autumn squashes from their garden. The clients who came yesterday were so delighted to be able to get a fresh veggie. Our pantry is small, we only distribute non-perishables, so to see the joy on faces was heartwarming.

Today, I was able to give my mail carrier a bottle of cold water. She was so happy. She isn't feeling well, can't wait to finish her route and get home. She complained that she also had a sore throat. I was able to offer her several kinds of throat lozenges (a singer always has big supply!) and she was so excited because they were her favorite brand.

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Another Flying Peace Dove Episode

I joined a friend for breakfast this morning. We had a lovely time discussing books, films, and things that make us crazy. The waitress gave us enough space and coffee. When we paid our check, I included a Mindy peace dove in the receipt folder. As we still chatted, the waitress came back holding 2 Mindy doves and asked me if I had included it.

I must had given one to her at a previous time. She said that she always carried it with her and now that she had two, she would give one to her son. Thanks to Kindspring member Mindy for all the inspiration!

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Sneaky Kindness

My elderly neighbor is in Las Vegas! I'm picking up her newspapers and mail for her. I noticed that Japanese Knot Weed had shown its leaves, so I went over with herbicide.

Later, another neighbor was in her garden cutting back some things that will become overgrown if not pruned. Our elderly neighbor keeps saying that she will do these things, but we know that it's gotten beyond her abilities. It also becomes a safety issue.

As she would prefer that we didn't do it, we wait until she's away. We call it sneaky kindness.

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Chalk in the Morning

After yesterday's rain, the latest chalk kindness words on the front walk have washed away. I went out early this morning and wrote another. There is an older gentleman who lives in the multi-unit across the street. He is a school crossing guard. We've never talked. This is the second time that he has observed me writing just as he is leaving for his station. And the second time that we have chatted. Who knew that simple kindness words in chalk would have that outcome? 

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