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My neighbor's keeper :)

--by SEESEE, posted Jul 17, 2016
My Neighbor struggled to buy his house and in so doing, he fell short on money for a Lawn Mower. He would feel so bad when he saw me cutting my lawn and all he had was a weed whacker.

I went on www., Where you can get things for free and found an Electric Lawn Mower in a nearby  city. It was almost new, the guy had it 6 Months before he landscaped his yard.

It came with a 100 FT Cord " Brand New". You should have seen his face when I test ran it on my yard & he saw it. And his face when I cleaned it and gave it to him. That was a Great DAY :)
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cf wrote: Wohoo! What a great idea!
RoseMarie wrote: Such a beautiful kindness. I gifted someone a lawnmower once too, you just reminded me. Ha x 💓
pyronik wrote: How great for him - I used freecycle a lot to gift things on. Thank you
DANCE wrote: so kind!
splain wrote: That was just so lovely of you
honourhitchings wrote: My husband used to mow the neighbors' lawn for them. They never seemed able to get it together to accomplish it on their own. He said it only took a few extra minutes and it made the street look so much better. Your gift was very thoughtful
Mish wrote: Fantastic kindness!! Big hugs for you :))
Novice50 wrote: Wonderful! Thank you so much for acting on your heart's advice.

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