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Learning to Tame Demons

--by lovebug, posted Feb 23, 2009

I just got back from a solo trip. Took this trip just to prove to myself I could do it.  Picked up a little weekly free paper called "The Pulse." Read an article on "taming demons."

It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to need, but not know what you need. It's okay to take a break, turn outward, and maybe help a friend with their demons for a while. It's okay to feel hurt, or scared, or depressed, or angry. It's okay to shut down until you're ready to plug in again. It's okay to shout. It's okay to cry. It's okay to hide.

Give yourself permission. And if it goes against your grain to do so, try again. Look around you to those who seem able to do it more easily. You're not being selfish by taking care of yourself, you're being wise.

You don't have to carry your baggage around forever. You don't have to feed your demons. You can desire peace. You can deserve happiness. You can receive love.

I picked this paper up at Mocha Joe's, in Tenn.  On the top of his lunch board was written. "Be nice to a stranger today."

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cabbage wrote: Dear lovebug,
What a lovely post. Thank you for reminding me that "it's ok to cry. It's ok to take a break" maybe it's the full moon, maybe it's female hormones or whatever, but there are just some times when you turn inward and it's not pretty and you want to crawl into a hole. And when you resurface it's ok again.

Thanks for saying it's ok.

Also, i'm really glad you had a solo trip!

Sounds like a great adventure :-)
Big hugs to you sweetie!

lmil1954 wrote: Thanks for taking us along on your trip lovebug! Love you-Linda:)
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is great! Some time alone can helps us get our perspective back. Glad you had a good trip!
jessi wrote: Dear Lovebug,
Thanks for the smileys! I only wish we had all these qualities, on our best days, we do. Still, we strive for them. I was recommended to the class by the editor of my paper. I absolutely love my class and the people in my class. You are a very good and prolific writer, I would suggest that you join a class! Mine is in a local library. Check with yours or do a search on line.
Take care.
bhappy wrote: LoveBug, This is exactly what I needed to know at this very second...I'm sending you a big panda bear hug.....Thank you Lovebug... Have a sunny, happy, special day...Becki
AURELIA wrote: Yes it's OK and we are never alone.
Thank You LoveBug. Congratulations on your Freedom Trip... I'm proud of you. ~Aurelia :0)
tressyanne wrote: lovebug~
thanks for that post. i loved it. it is always nice to be reminded that it is OK!!!!!
awesome idea of a solo trip. have a super weekend.
smiles to you.
jaydeebug wrote: Great story....I am going on one of those trips later this month. Leavin' on the night train..." Well, actually a bus which leaves at 3 in the morning, but I will stay gone for a week. I need this solo trip. Glad you went!
lovebug wrote: God Bless you on your trip. I doubt I could get on a bus at 3A.M. Originally I had planed to travel by train to Boston, but my husband was afraid I would get lost in a big city. Then I thought about going to Disney land, but I was not willing to fly. Hope you enjoy as much as I did
JuneBug wrote: I totally admire you for doing what you did....That is sooo awesome, lovebug!!! But , next time, TAKE ME!!!!:)

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